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Free Download Cinema Box App for PC, Mac Android and iOS devices

Live streaming and watching online videos are common nowadays, people are showing their interests in watching online videos and live streaming on their mobile phones and computers rather watching Televisions at their home or office. Lots of websites and applications are available at the App stores for live streaming and watching videos online, some of them are paid and some are free.

So today we discussing about Cinema Box App, It is the most popularly used application for watching online videos and streaming live videos. It is new launch in the market but already gained so much popularity because of its awesome features and interactive interface. This app has lot more to offer you. You can watch Cartoons & Animation movies, Shows & Cinemas without any disturbance of annoying advertisements. Read Also: Tips for Safe Online Payment

Cinema Box App was previously known as Play box HD app. If you ever used Play box App in your devices then you might get the same feel of Play box …
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11 things that were not possible without Android Nougat

Nowadays Google is rolling out Android Nougat 7.0 into its Nexus devices and other manufacturers started doing modifications to release Android 7.0 Nougat in upcoming months for their Android powered devices. So whether you are taking advantage of Android 7.0 or waiting for its release, there are 11 features described here which were officially not possible before upgrading to Android Nougat.

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Many of us have Android devices and they have already given too many awesome features but here I have given 11 features that were not officially possible without Android Nougat. Let me know if your device running of lower versions like Android Marshmallow, Lollipop or Kitkat having support for any of these features described below

Run Multiple apps side by side in Android 7.0 You might split your Android Screen many times using Split View Multi Screen or any other app, but know this feature is launched officially for devices running on Android Nougat.…

Running Multiple Accounts simultaneously using Parallel Space App

There are lots of reasons for having multiple accounts and accessing them at the same time. Accessing multiple accounts into PC is not a difficult task, you can use two different browsers at the same time or use incognito mode of the same browser. But when it comes to Smartphones, accessing two or more accounts at the same time becomes little bit difficult.

You might be thinking that why you can't use two different browsers in your smartphone for accessing two different accounts at the same time but you might already know about the mobile versions of the sites they are not too handy and interacted as compare to the mobile apps or web version. You need to put efforts while accessing the mobile versions of the websites into your Smartphone. Read also : How to Download Cinema Box App

So, here is the solution to your problem and that is Parallel space. Parallel space is an application that permit you to manage multiple account of any app simultaneously on a single device. Parallel sp…

Trick to get Reliance Jio SIM for free instantly with Free Preview Offer

Reliance Jio is offering its free preview offer using which you would be able to make unlimited free calls and access unlimited 4G data till the end of 2016. People got crazy to get new Reliance Jio sim card to advantage this offer, but the problem is All the Reliance Digital express stores and mini stores got out of stock and there is no SIM cards lefts now, and company providing few SIM cards to each store daily. But now you can get the Jio sim card for free without standing in any queue.

How to play and Tactics followed to win Mod

You might not feel any difference while playing and, due to the similar working of both games, so they are equally popular among the modern generation who are addicted to play online games. The features given by Limax are too similar to the features given out by the to its players. Being a very popular game it is very essential that the players must be known to every information regarding the Limax game.

Limax is one of the popular game so played online by thousands of people across the globe. The game file contains a mod named, and we will be discussing about this mod in this topic.

Tactics about to use in the field for more food :Try to eat all food nearby before attacking to someoneTo save your power and to be in proper size avoid running too muchthe bigger the opponent more food you can getBeing in a crowd is far way better than fighting one to one, because more the people die more chance to get the foodHaving a friend in the field…

New features added in Clash of Clans October Update

Today its the celebration day for all clash of clans players, the most awaited update of Clash of Clans is now live. People were more than ready for this all time best featured October  update. If you heard about COC game and played it ever, you might know how everyone should be feeling right now after coc october update. With the update lots of features are added and in-app purchase rates also slashed to 25 percent.

Supercell team confirmed that they worked very hard into something for this update and now its been rolled out for all players. Although this update was expected to be rolled out in September but due to some reasons it got fizzled out and got live today on 13th of October.

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COC update Schedule 2 days before, a COC player asked about the release date for their update in their official COC forum, and a top participant directly answered that query and said the update will be released in couple of days. Many players gasped about their release …

Vainglory for Android/Apple phones and Windows/Mac PC - Best MOBA game

Vainglory for PC is the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)  game which you need to start playing right now. I am sure you'll get excited after watching its trailer only in all the rightful ways. Whoever you are a kid, a teenager or an adult, MOBA games always seem to draw everyone's attraction towards them. Vainglory took the crown for the best among them all.Their Battle arena are so much engrossing that you may feel that you are physically transported to the battle field. Their 20 minutes short battles make you experience like a real life battle. And the best thing is the that, the app has no restrictions when it comes to imagining with the best of wars, graphics, plots and other game details. In the starting when i got the app, i got impressed just only with some screenshots of it.

Things to be covered in this Article :Features of VaingloryHow to download and Install Vainglory for PC on Windows platform and Android DevicesVainglory for Mac or iOS/iPhone/iPad Vainglory h…