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Popular Payment options available while shopping Online

Shopping is something which has always had an impact in our societies. Before the advancement of devices & equipment, human beings had to go, or I better say, travel to shops located even in faraway places. But as time passed by, & the rapid rise in the development & advancement of the gadgets used by us, everything around us changed. Welcome to the era of the Online Shopping. Where the shoppers shop from anywhere in the world, on their PCs, laptops or phones. What happens in Online Shopping is that the buyer signs up or logs in to the sites or pages of different Online Shopping sites. Click Here and you can also shop on and Get Offers on Purchases.

A numerous items or products are displayed on the screens of your device(s). The buyer chooses a particular product, views it through different angles (the company offers different angle views of the products) & then adds it to his or her cart.
Now the final process, payment! After filling up the address of delivery…
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[100% Working] Ultimate Trick to Get Unlimited Friend Requests on Facebook within a week

Facebook is the most popularly used social networking site having users more than the population of the USA and growing rapidly. And many of the users join Facebook in search of new friends and eliminate their boring time from. But people like me, who don't have much friends get bored easily but now i found a trick using which you can easily get 100+ requests daily or even you can send friend requests to thousands of people at once using their E-Mail addresses.

Now anyone can have 5000 friends and so many followers into their Facebook profile within a week. I also shared Awesome FB tricks like inviting all friends to a page at once or adding them all to any group quickly and much more. I always tried to share something new and updated tricks to people . Read Also: Nokia 5 features
Today I'm sharing that, How to get unlimited friend requests on Facebook? There are hundreds of methods given on the web to get tons of friend requests, But some of them are not working and some are co…

15 things you probably didn't know about Google Chromecast

Google playing a vital role in the modern internet and simplified the online life. Whatever you need a simple mail and cloud storage or Ad network or accurate Digital Maps, just go to Google, it has everything you need. And in last few years the Search Giant take over every Smart TV with its Google Chromecast, a streaming USB device.

Google Chromecast maintained its position on the top of the Amazon's Best Selling List for the last 2 years until they removed all the streaming devices which don't support its native video streaming service. But now you can get Google Chromecast from the Google itself or you can order from Staples, Walmart, Target, Best Buy.

You can stream wirelessly direct from your Smartphone or PC and enjoy streaming GO, Hulu, Spotify, HBO, Netflix and much more for just $35 one time price for purchasing the Chromecast dongle. You can mirror your laptop or Smartphone screen into your Smart TV using Google Chromecast. The main reason behind its success is, its …

Free Download Cinema Box App for PC, Mac Android and iOS devices

Live streaming and watching online videos are common nowadays, people are showing their interests in watching online videos and live streaming on their mobile phones and computers rather watching Televisions at their home or office. Lots of websites and applications are available at the App stores for live streaming and watching videos online, some of them are paid and some are free.

So today we discussing about Cinema Box App, It is the most popularly used application for watching online videos and streaming live videos. It is new launch in the market but already gained so much popularity because of its awesome features and interactive interface. This app has lot more to offer you. You can watch Cartoons & Animation movies, Shows & Cinemas without any disturbance of annoying advertisements. Read Also: Tips for Safe Online Payment

Cinema Box App was previously known as Play box HD app. If you ever used Play box App in your devices then you might get the same feel of Play box …

11 things that were not possible without Android Nougat

Nowadays Google is rolling out Android Nougat 7.0 into its Nexus devices and other manufacturers started doing modifications to release Android 7.0 Nougat in upcoming months for their Android powered devices. So whether you are taking advantage of Android 7.0 or waiting for its release, there are 11 features described here which were officially not possible before upgrading to Android Nougat.

Read Also: 15 things about Google Chromecast

Many of us have Android devices and they have already given too many awesome features but here I have given 11 features that were not officially possible without Android Nougat. Let me know if your device running of lower versions like Android Marshmallow, Lollipop or Kitkat having support for any of these features described below

Run Multiple apps side by side in Android 7.0 You might split your Android Screen many times using Split View Multi Screen or any other app, but know this feature is launched officially for devices running on Android Nougat.…

Running Multiple Accounts simultaneously using Parallel Space App

There are lots of reasons for having multiple accounts and accessing them at the same time. Accessing multiple accounts into PC is not a difficult task, you can use two different browsers at the same time or use incognito mode of the same browser. But when it comes to Smartphones, accessing two or more accounts at the same time becomes little bit difficult.

You might be thinking that why you can't use two different browsers in your smartphone for accessing two different accounts at the same time but you might already know about the mobile versions of the sites they are not too handy and interacted as compare to the mobile apps or web version. You need to put efforts while accessing the mobile versions of the websites into your Smartphone. Read also : How to Download Cinema Box App

So, here is the solution to your problem and that is Parallel space. Parallel space is an application that permit you to manage multiple account of any app simultaneously on a single device. Parallel sp…

Trick to get Reliance Jio SIM for free instantly with Free Preview Offer

Reliance Jio is offering its free preview offer using which you would be able to make unlimited free calls and access unlimited 4G data till the end of 2016. People got crazy to get new Reliance Jio sim card to advantage this offer, but the problem is All the Reliance Digital express stores and mini stores got out of stock and there is no SIM cards lefts now, and company providing few SIM cards to each store daily. But now you can get the Jio sim card for free without standing in any queue.