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Things to know about shopping online with safety

No doubt shopping is not much easy and exiting as it seems, visit from store to store, number of trials, large time consumption and most important bargaining for reasonable pricing. But online shopping, serves a wide range from cloths and accessories to furniture and hand looms to kitchen appliances to grocery and many more on just a click far, ease our shopping efforts within our budget.

Mind-boggling selection, pretty e-trial to every product, secure shopping, fast shipping, reasonable prices and easy returns makes the shopping experience more convenient and fast. Also the deal and discounts they offer magnetize the user towards itself. But any thing, connected to internet, need to be protected, especially during heavy use. So, the scammers and cyber criminals can target shoppers as well. So, here are some safety directives, that you need to keep in your mind while shopping online:

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6 Best way to use drones Mini Drones | Introduction

Drones are the new toys for next gen people to play with mini drone along with their kids and make life easy because these mini drones are useful in many ways .They've been in use for many years but now days its has been taking speed in the use of drones, In fact amazon and a number of other large firms have begun using drones for delivery functions to easy out the delivery process .

So come on guys let’s hop on to the list of most prominent purposes of best drones use for people to enjoy their life with their kids, friends and family with these mini drones and quad-copters.
1. VideographyFlying Drones and UAVs may be beneficial for creating a video of a wedding or any perform from the maximum to urge whole coverage with none difficulties of wires persisting on the base between the feet of individuals. Read Also: Install Older Apps into iPhone 2. PhotosIt's possible for you to view from inside your home, who's their within the street roaming and something on your own Roof wi…

Basic Introduction about Android N 7.0

In the technical world of smart phone, tablets and technical appliances like TV, refrigerators and fans, Android is on every tongue. And here is some great news for all android lovers that its most upcoming version is about to be in their devices. Nowadays, google is working over the same version Android 7.0 N.

However, the abbreviation to ‘N’ is still a secret but some interesting and educated guesses are raising the curiosity. Similar to the previous version like: Kitkat, Marshmallow, Jelly bean, Lollipop, Donuts, Eclairs and many more, it may also be some sweet like: Nut rolls, Nougat, Nestle, Napoleon, Nonnevot or for some same change it may be spicy this time as Nut crackers or something else like Nectar.
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The latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow has not even celebrated its first annual ceremony and Android 7.0 N is in its early stages and expected to release later this year. But still you can download and install the Android 7.0 N version…

A brief introduction about iPhone 6S & 6S Plus | unique features

With the aim in consistency with perception of brand, apple gave its best in its new and advanced iPhone 6S. As it’s tagline indicates ‘The only thing that changed is everything’, the version introduced with so many latest and exiting features like 3D touch and live camera in terms of camera hardware. It seems the best smartphone that one should buy.

The smartphone looks very similar to that of iPhone 6 but its slight thickness and heaviness in weight create some difference which is not even noticeable. However, for some changes with this version apple introduces a new rose gold variation in colour which resembles like light shade of pink with a gold tint. Improvement in metal and glass quality with rounded edges and curved front glass panel makes it comparatively more attractive. Read Also: About Android 7

It has been claimed by apple that, the strongest material included 7000 series aluminum for the body and strongest glass cover is used for the iPhone 6S. It implicates their confi…

Candy crush saga for PC on Windows 7/8/10 and MAC with or without Bluestacks

Candy Crush Saga gives you exiting shape and larger board in level offering 9 rows* 9 column in some levels. To enhance you fun exiting level having obstacles are introduced with appreciable number of moves, goals and missions for the same. Candy crush saga is based on simple principle to that of Bejeweled, used for several years but the difference is in representation, leveling and raise in fun with six different types of candied: Red (jelly bean), Orange (lozenope), Yellow (lemon drop), Green(square), Blue(lollipop head), Purple(cluster).

In 2012, as a Facebook app, Candy Crush Saga discovered and got its fame to the heights later by November 2012, as when it was launched for some smartphone. In March 2013, it surpassed farm villa (by Zygna) with the tag of “The most famous Facebook apps”. As per the surveys, it had 45.6 millions monthly users and its counts rose up on when it was introduced for Android and iOS based smartphones. As Candy Crush Saga for PC was never introduced but …

Download Tubemate for PC free for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OSX

Tubemate is known to be the best downloader for YouTube videos into various qualities and at much higher download rates. Now you can use Tubemate for PC without paying any charge. Tubemate is available for Android platform. Let's know more about why it's so popular and required.

The Internet is growing day by day and is now flooded with a lot of useful information. The only thing is to find out the correct information to learn the correct things. To learn anything new surfing the videos on the internet is the best method and the best place to get a huge collection of videos is YouTube. Read Also: Clash of Clans for PC

Why we need Tubemate ?Surfing YouTube may sometimes cause a trouble when you have a slow internet connection. The buffering in the videos will irritate you soon and will distract you from your learning or enjoyment. Another con of viewing the videos online on YouTube is that you can view it only once while you are online and if you wish to view the same video, you …

Collect hundreds of Pokemon daily | Spoof your location using Fake GPS for Android

Pokemon Go has became the top played game of 2016 within few weeks of its launch. It was partially launched only in USA, Australia & New Zealand and after its huge success, Pokemon GO has been launched in some other countries. It got millions of downloads within 2 months. People living in the country where Pokemon Go hasn't launched yet, are so much excited to play Pokemon Go that many of them downloaded Pokemon GO using Proxies or modded versions from the Web.

Pokemon Go is a location based game where you need to walk here and there in a hunt for the Pokemon. But people living in wild or backward areas are complaining about not having Poke-stops and Gyms into their nearby areas, they need to go to big cities or popular places in order to fight with the Gym members and to collect bonus from the Poke-stops. And there is another problem while playing Pokemon GO and that is you need to walk several kilometers actively to hunt wild and rare Pokemon and there are several accidents…