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Enjoy Turning your walls into extended gaming screen

Imagine a projector, that extends your gaming screen onto your sexy frigging walls !! Isn't it awesome?? Playing games on 3 screen monitor isn't the only ridiculous idea in the gaming history. Project Ariana, a projector that project shadows on the wall that seems like extending your gaming console screen onto walls unveiled at CES 2017. Projectors were never been so cool before.

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6 Whatsapp Messenger features you might be unaware of | Trick to get unblocked from all the blocked lists

Whatsapp messenger has gained so much popularity that even enterprises use it for personal or official works. It is widely used across the globe and the app version was launched for Smartphone devices only. You can use it into your Windows PC, Linux and Mac devices using Whatsapp Web or by making use of Android emulators you would be able to run the app version into your Windows and Mac Systems. There are still some issues in the app, but those can be removed/overcome using tips and tricks for Whatsapp messenger.

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So here 5 tricks are given actually these are not tricks, there are the options given inside the Whattsapp messenger and these options will help you using Whatsapp smoothly.

1. Tired of auto downloading of media files, then stop it Whenever someone sends any media files like images, videos or audio files, Whatsapp automatically download these files without your permission, whenever you connect to internet. This might …

Cinema Box HD APK: Download the Latest Version For Android

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guess you do! I’m pretty sure about this. If you have an android device then
you must have sometimes searched for watching movies online on your device. Cinema Box offers a wide range and varieties of movies…

Dragon Mania | Leveling-Up Dragons and Battle Strategy Guide

Dragon Mania and Dragon City have quite similar game-play elements but they both have unique battle mechanics. Once you understand how combat works then you would find it extremely addicting while fighting through Fire-breathing creatures. A slider given at vertical bar that rapidly moves towards up and down. You need to wait for specific moment to hit the paw button for maximum damage the creatures at rival side. The battle option added some extra spice to the game-play.

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Dragon Mania features tons of breeding combinations and each combination offers any powerful dragon. Winning battles into Dragon mania is not everyone's cup of tea. In order to understand the game-play and to win the battle you are required to be a regular player who create and power up the creatures by raising their levels and regularly keep upgrading buildings. Here few tips are given that will help you understanding the game-play and help you …

How to Install older version Apps into old iPhones

Frustrated of trying to install latest apps into your Old iPhone 3G or 3GS running on their latest compatible v6 firmware, then I would like to tell, you are not the only one trying to do so, there are lots of many others like me and you having old iPhones and trying to keep up with the latest apps. With the launch of new Apple iPhones series like iPhone 5, 6 and 7, Apple recommends you to switch to latest iPhone and ditch your old phone and keep your iPhones updated with their regular releases.

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Since the FBI investigated upon Apple products and found many glitches in their older versions, due to security issues popular Social sites and many others companies like Instagram, Viber, Fb and Whatsapp stopped supporting the older versions of iPhones and now only compatible to latest firmware. And one bad thing about the Apple iPhones is you can download apps only from their official App Store which always shows latest available version of every single…

Nokia 5 Features & Specifications

Nokia has given quality Android Smartphones with good Features and Specifications, under Lower to Mid price range, and with their latest release of Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, they are all set up to compete with the other Android smartphone Brands.

The Sale for Nokia 5 has already been started from 15th of August and the best part is about their Selling platform, Nokia has decided to sell it's Nokia 5 through their Offline Exclusive Stores and you Wouldn't find purchase it from any of the Online portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. Price for Nokia 5 is 12499 INR. But the sale is restricted to Metro Cities like Delhi & NCR, Chennai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Few others, if your city is not listed above then you have to wait a little longer or purchase from the stores located in the above-mentioned cities.

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Before Proceeding for Features and Specifications, let's congratulate for their awesome comeba…

How to find and remove duplicate files on your Android device

Storage was considered as the critical problem when technology didn't evolve like as it now, but as time passed the problem got sorted and new devices having storage space of 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and more, were launched. Nowadays Mobile devices come up with builtin storage up to 128 GB and a slot to attach external memory with support up to 64 GB micro card.

There are lots of pre-installed applications come up with the Android devices and people download other apps working similar to some of the default apps. And when people got super fast internet then users like me download many apps and games blindly even if they are not useful for me in any case. They don't think of uninstalling those unused apps to free up their consumed memory. So later on low storage space become an issue for those people.

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Storage issue also occurs due to poor management of data placed in your device, people kept thousands of photos, videos and apk files and even while…