Friday, January 12, 2018

YouTube Go - Play Unlimited Videos without eating up your data

Google LLC is developing a new app named 'YouTube Go' to watch your YouTube Videos with lots of new awesome features. This app is designed for users having limited data or slower network connections. So with the release of this app users on 2G & 3G network will be able to watch YouTube Videos without buffering issues. Here I'll introduce about the new features introduced in this app, so read till end.

youtube go

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'YouTube Go' is an Android app which is under development, however you can download it's Beta version from Google Play store with this link. YouTube Go App is for everyday YouTube companion or you can say for a YouTube Freak who spend most of the his time for watching videos on YouTube. While watching videos we usually care about our limited data packs and buffering spoil our rest of the enjoyment, but now it's not gonna happen anymore.

youtube go features

Features of YouTube app in YouTube Go:

  • Discover Unlimited Music, Videos, TV Shows, Movies, Fashion, Courses and lot more
  • Download your favorite videos and stream them offline
  • Instantly Share Videos without any extra or no data usage

New Features in YouTube Go:

  • Light-Weighted App Size- Only 9MB
  • Control Your Data
  • Control your Storage
  • Super Fast - no hang issues

youtube go features

Control Your Data

  • Now you can choose any videos either to watch or directly download without buffering online
  • Now you can preview videos before downloading or watching them online, like watching some random clips from the video you're gonna watch
  • you can now choose how much data to spend on any video or on all videos

Control your Storage

  • Now you can select where to download your videos on Device's Internal Storage or in any external storage unit like SD card or Pen Drive
  • You can watch your downloaded videos without buffering, anytime, anywhere and no internet connection is required to watch your downloaded videos
  • Once your download You can watch those downloaded videos as many times your wish with no extra data cost

Share Videos On the Go

  • YouTube has Introduced where you can send videos to your Friends which you have added on your Google Account, and the best thing is no extra data is required while sharing videos to your friends
  • Send and Receive Videos in Seconds
  • Send Videos to people near you

youtube go features

Super Fast without any hang issues

  • Now you don't have to worry about App and Phone Hanging issues
  • YouTube Go is Made to work on devices running on lower android version or Devices having low or limited storage.

So these were features of YouTube Go, I hope you're fired up to use this new app from Google. Maximize your fun without eating up much of your data and storage
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Monday, January 8, 2018

नैतिकता बनाम समलेंगिकता | Ethics versus homogeneity

समाज में नैतिकता बनाम समलेंगिकता की बहस बहुत पुरानी है, लेकिन नौ साल पहले दिल्ली हाईकोर्ट ने जब स्थापित सामाजिक मान्यताओं से हटकर अपने महत्वपूर्ण फैसले में वयस्कों के बीच सहमति से बनाए जाने वाले समलैंगिक संबंधों को वैध घोषित किया तो इस फैसले को समलैंगिक समुदाय अपने अधिकारों की लड़ाई में मील का पत्थर मानने लगे। हलाकि दिसम्बर 2013 में इस फैसले को सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने पलट दिया था।

homosexuality vs ethics

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Jio Happy New Year 2018 offer with 50% extra data, 50 Rs discount

It's New Year and Team Reliance Jio is already up with their new Happy New Year 2018 plans with extra 50 percent data. Since from the start Jio has kept our hopes high with their exciting data and calling plans, which are well ahead and stand in front of other telecom companies.

This New Year Team Reliance Jio announced their 2 new offers for the users whom data data usage requirements are more than 1 GB, Yes this Jio offer is for the users who need more data.

jio happy new year 2018 offer

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

4 Ultimate Sources to Download Paid Android Apps for Free

As of today there are millions of Android enabled Smartphones, and so far we have known about Google play store as the most trusted source for Android apps. But there are lots of Apps that are listed as Paid, but you hesitate before purchasing them because you think there must be a trial version before paying for those apps.

download paid android apps for free

Well If you are looking for some sources which provide paid apps for free as a trial version, then you are at right place. you can try them and later purchase if you really liked any of the apps. We'll be providing the reference to those sources where you can get trial versions of paid apps.

Before Proceeding any further, I would like to give a warning " this article includes links to download the trail version of paid apps, and are only meant for educational purpose only, we are not responsible anyhow you use this knowledge and any type of consequences you face. Piracy is illegal and we are not encouraging it. We respect the hard work of developers, so suggesting to purchase rather from Google Play store instead."

In order To install apps from the external sources, you need to make a security check and allow your device to download apps from sources other than play store. For this Go to Security Option given into your Settings and Then Allow Installation from unknown sources.

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Now coming to the main topic and start reading about those Free App Sources. Download Paid Apps for Free:

4. GetAPK :

You can download any Free or Paid Apps from here, but the app is designed just to download the .apk files and it lacks proper navigation. So downloading any app might be difficult from here.

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But the reason behind this app is listed here is, due to a specific reason and that reason makes it apart from other app markets of its kind. This app keeps nearly all the versions of every app. Sometimes App developers remove certain features from their newer versions, features that are quite useful for the users, so keeping all the versions comes handy in such cases.


3. 1Mobile Market :

This is another popular app market, which is having a collection of Popular Paid and Free. Apps here are added manually unlike other app sources, so adding your favorite app may be a little bit delayed. And the best part about this apps is, it is available on the play store as a lite version and having some limitations like, in the lite version, it only allows free apps due to Google's Policies for Apps.

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But after installing the lite-version it will ask you to upgrade it and that will lift up your limitations, after that, you will be able to download all free and paid apps. You can also download the full version direct from its website.


2. MoboGenie Market :

The idea is quite similar to 1Mobile Market, and you can download the Lite version of MoboGenie from Play Store, a few months back full version was also available but later removed due to the policy violations.

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MoboGenie Market is Lot more than just apps, on Mobogenie you can download Paid E-Books, Music, Videos and Movies for Free. MoboGenie App also works as a YouTube Downloader. There are lots of other features like in-built File Manager, Garbage Cleaner and Wheather Notifications.


1. BlackMart :

Most Popular App Market for Free Apps like King of *Pirated Apps, you can get almost all the apps available on App Store whatever it is free or paid. This is a must have app for An Android geek who wants to have a taste of all the apps for free.

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And the best part about the app is, it is Highly customized in respect to user-experience. One can say it as a replica of 'Play Store App' where every thing is categorized. You can even filter app on Paid and Free basis, on their ratings and their Added Date. It gives users a hassle free experience.


So these were 4 popular app sources to download paid Android apps for free, hope you enjoyed it. 
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Friday, August 4, 2017

10 hidden features that Nobody told You About Android Device

Technology is moving ahead so quickly nowadays. Before few years a mobile phone was like wow for everyone. And today it seems very common to have a mobile device with everyone. Mobile devices are like omnipresent nowadays and the most popular trend is android mobiles. Android devices are the most popular ones, because of its fair price and multipurpose features within it. Everybody definitely will be knowing about its common features but does anyone know the below listed hidden features of Android.

android hidden features

1. Quick Google access:

As Internet is becoming the habit for every user using android and Google is the most useful search engine. Then android keeps this thing in mind and they provided the quick way to open the Google. You just need to press menu key for fewer seconds and automatically Google Search Engine will open.
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android hidden features

Nowadays in Android K and further updates Google has given new way to instantly access the Google app and search over the Google, You Just need to say "OK Google" and then speak out your query, Google app will automatically on upon saying "OK Google" and search whatever you said. Even you can use it while you device is in locked mode.

After recording a trusted voice, you can use "Ok Google" to unlock your device. But this feature wouldn't work if your device is not charging and

2. Get detailed information of your Android phone :

android hidden features

You will be surprised by knowing that you can access the most important information about your device by just typing *#*#4636#*#*. By typing this code in your dial you will get the information regarding your phone like IMEI, current network, cell information, etc. In Battery Information you will get battery status, power plug, battery health, etc. Usage Statistics will give the application name, count and usage time in MS. And Wi-Fi contains Wi-Fi API, Wi-Fi Configuration and Wi-Fi status.

3. Easier way to type difficult words:

It is the best and time saving feature of Android device that helps you to not type the full word manually. By just typing some of the characters you will get whole word as a suggestion. Even you can add your own custom words to the dictionary.
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android hidden features

Google Keyboard has given features like :
  • Text Correction
  • Gesture Typing
  • Auto Completion
  • Auto Suggestions
  • Changing Cases

4. Never lose your mobile:

Before Android people got difficulty to find the owner of mobile devices unless he receive any call on that phone, but after Android the problem got solved. Add Owner information into your Android phone, so it would be easy for someone to return you if he finds your phone somewhere.

android hidden features

For this :
  • Go to Device Settings
  • Navigate to Security
  • And tap on Screen Lock
  • Fill your Information on there and save the settings
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Now your information will be shown on your Android's lock screen, so it made easy to recognize the owner of any Android Device.

5. Google maps:

Google Maps is the one of the interesting feature from Google into Androids. Whatever you are new to any city or stuck into meshy streets, Google Maps never lets you lost in somewhere in somewhere. It even works pretty well on the slower networks and keeps you updated with your location. It will also works fine even if your Android device doesn't support GPS system, by approximating your location using your network location.

android hidden features

There are lots of mode given into this awesome map like Satellite view using which you can clearly see how any place looks in the real world from the top , Traffic view it shows real time traffic on the Roads and the Streets, so your can avoid sticking in the heavy traffic using Google Maps. Street View is also given into this app using which you can virtually go to anywhere in the world, it makes you feel like visiting the world just from home. There are so many 360 degree rotatory images given for various hotels, monuments, restaurants and reads using which you can even see inside the buildings.

You can even get Timings for Public Transportation like Metro, bus and train timings along with the available routes from the source to destination.

6. Special Characters:

Android device provides lots of special characters which make you feel anxious and creative. You can use different type of characters by just holding a character for a fraction of seconds then you will get the characters you want.

android hidden features

Emoji are now added to the default Android keyboard, now you don't need to remember the codes used for different emoji symbols.

7. Create multiple users profiles:

android hidden features

New version of Android allows to manage many users in just single phone. As it might be possible that one android phone can be used by many people. So for privacy purpose you can manage the users. Go to settings >> user option to set up the multiple user functionality.

8. Smart lock:

Your phone should contain password as it might contain your personal and confidential information but it becomes tedious task when you need to enter password or draw the pattern again and again even in the area which are safe like home or office or anywhere else. Then you can achieve this via settings >> security >> smart lock.

android hidden features

Smart lock various options are added like Trusted Device, Trusted Body, Trusted Place. Upon adding these things you aren't required to enter the password again and again.

9. Tap & Go:

android hidden features

While changing devices we only worried about our data stored in our old devices. Android introduced Wi-Fi direct using which big sized files can easlity be transferred within few minutes. You can use external apps like NFC or XENDER in which you can transfer your data just by tapping on the items you want to transfer.

10. Find your phone even if it is in silent mode:

android hidden features

If you forgot that where you have misplaced your phone in hurry and your phone is in the silent mode then you can take the help of Android Device Manager. Now suppose you forgot where your mobile device is then you just need to open a browser and in that type "find my phone through android device manager". Further it will ask you to sign in from your Google mail Id and password and make sure you are signing in the same Google account which is there in your Android device. After that it will ask you for three options: Ring, Lock and Erase. Choose an appropriate option and you are done..!
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

MSQRD app by Facebook - add filters to photos and videos in real time

MSQRD (MASQUERADE) is an awesome application for Smartphones, allowing users to add filters into their photos & selfies as well as into videos in real time. This application is based on real time 3D face and object tracking technology. MSQRD was originally idealized by Masquerade Technologies but later on got acquired by Facebook. Currently MSQRD is available for Android and iPhone only but sooner its Windows Smartphone version is going to release.

download msqrd app by facebook

MSQRD - Live Filters & Face Swap for Video Selfies is an awesome app which allows you to put a digital mask on your face in real time while you are on any video shoot or taking screen shoots. There are lots of new masks added recently and categorized like Sports, Faces, Fun etc. Even there are some interactive filters like Astronaut and Scientist filters are added which reached this app to new level. You can share these edited images and videos on Facebook and Instagram, the great part is you can save these videos and images into your local storage.

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Masquerade promised their users to update MSQRD app regularly and Facebook is following their promise and recently launched its update on April of 2016. There is no privacy policies or any hidden policy to use this app i.e. you just use this app without any headache of developer policies and interruptions.

change the way you look like by msqrd app

Features of MSQRD app

  • Videos and Images can be edited easily
  • Real time support for editing
  • Tons of added digital Face mask
  • You can try these masks in real time and can try any of these filters before saving any image
  • Direct option available to share on Instagram and Facebook
  • Interactive Face masks like Astronaut and Scientist are also available
  • Light weight app and easily playable even on Smartphones with low configuration
  • All filters are categorized into their related categories
  • Various filters builtin comes with the app
  • New filters can easily be downloaded by single tap
  • Added filters for face swapping
  • Regular updates
  • Better images with 3D face detection technology
msqrd app share via your favorite app

Download MSQRD app from Play Store

MSQRD app is added to the play store listed under app developed by Facebook, you can download MSQRD app for Android using This Link - MSQRD for Android.

Download MSQRD app for iPhone/iPad

Facebook also added MSQRD app for iPhone on Apple App Store, so iPhone and iPad users can follow this link to download MSQRD for iPhone using this link - MSQRD for iOS

Need Allowance from Parents

As I previously said there is no privacy policy  or any age restriction required for using MSQRD app so any one can easily use this app in no time and these edited images and videos can easily be shared on Instagram or Facebook, so You are suggested to monitor about your kids activity while using MSQRD app. It is generally suggested suggested that people with 10+ age are only allowed to use MSQRD app.

have fun with msqrd app

How to Use MSQRD app ?

  • Using of MSQRD is the just easy as clicking simple selfie. Follow the steps to Master MSQRD app in no time :
  • Open the MSQRD app
  • Now choose the filter from the given list of filters, for more filter visit Category and choose any of the displayed category
  • For more filters download new filters given into different categories
  • Now After you got you filter, now its time to choose from Video or Image
  • By default there will be option for recording video, just tap on record button and your video will be start recording with special filters
  • To take selfie, just tap on the camera button near to video record button and then tap on capture button
  • By default primary camera will be used to swap from primary to secondary camera just tap on camera button with rotation symbol on it
  • After having selfie or recording video there will be option for uploading it on Facebook or Instagram or save to local storage, simply choose any of them and you have done

MSQRD app - Live filters for Selfie and Videos

This app creates animated digital masks automatically adjusted to fit your face size and adding of the mask repeats with the movement of person. Full name of this application is Masquerade – animated masks for selfie-videos. 
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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Caring for a dog that has an enlarged heart

dog with enlarged heartHeart failure in dogs - Just like human beings dogs can suffer a multitude of heart health problems. These days there are many treatments available which may offer a cure or manage the condition comfortably. The signs and symptoms of an enlarged heart may be vague initially such as your dog coughing which may be all that is seen at first.

As the heart enlarges heart failure and death will be the outcome, unless treatment is received. Once this condition is properly diagnosed, and treat, your dog may lead a comfortable and happy life for weeks, months or even years. During this time though the animal will need extra care, love and attention.

The Right Diagnosis

The first step as always is getting the right diagnosis. In the early stages of this illnesses there may be few symptoms. As the illness progresses your dog may be:
  • Listless
  • Have a swollen abdomen
  • Have a persistent cough
  • Pant more than normal
  • In a worse case scenario collapse
One of the problems with this condition is that fluid will build up in the animal's abdomen. This means that the dog will need medication such as Furosemide. This is a diuretic and will help your animal pass water. This medication does result in your animal drinking plenty of water and needing to urinate constantly. Obviously this makes demands on your time.

If your pet's tummy is very swollen the vet may administer an injection to start the ball rolling. The excess fluid may then be passed in one huge amount.

Various drugs may also be prescribed in order to keep your pet's heart working. These could be called Fortekor, Digoxin or Vetmedin. As your pet's condition worsens the drugs may be added to or altered.

Eventually all that can be done medically will have been done and TLC, tender loving care, will be what is required.

Making a long term commitment

Obviously such severe health problems will mean that your pet may tire more easily. The animal will need all the love, time and attention that you can give, and more. If you are not able to give your pet what it needs it will suffer.

Treating an enlarged heart can be expensive and time consuming. Your dog will need to have a check-up at least every three months. The vet may then tweak the prescribed drugs in order to achieve the maximum benefit.

Day to day life

It is important that you get into a routine. The medication will need administering throughout the day and your dog will need to pass water more than normal.

One of the most important things to remember though is to still have what fun you can with your pet. Just like a sick person the animal will need exercise and interaction. You will need to learn to identify the good days from the bad.

Many dogs with an enlarged heart still enjoy a good quality of life for quite some time.

The prognosis

Sadly, long term, the prognosis for a dog with an enlarged heart is death. It may be that you will have to euthanize your pet, or its heart may simply fail completely. You must make sure though that, through all of this, your dog does not suffer unnecessarily.

Monitor your dog's health and well-being on a daily basis. Watch out for changes in the animal's weight, appetite and general well-being. Try not to become overly protective and suffocating. Just learn to know when your dog needs to rest.

Make sure that your dying dog receives appropriate care.

Know when it is time for your pet to go to its final resting place and make the right 

You will need

  • Bags of love
  • Time
  • Money
  • Care
  • A good veterinarian
  • The correct medication
  • The correct diagnosis
  • A warm, comfortable and quiet place for your animal to rest when necessary
  • A sensible diet for your pet

Tips & Warnings 

  •  Never self-medicate your animal
  • Ensure that you consult a qualified veterinarian in order to get the correct diagnosis
  • Once you start the dog on a course of treatment follow it through.
  • Never keep a dog alive when it is suffering
  • Avoid giving your dog a diet high in salt

Some Tips and Issues By People having same issue with their pets:

A year ago our Golden was coughing,the vet said she has an enlarged heart and there is no cure, I done some research and a doctor from the University of Toroto said that they had been giving mice with enlarged hearts cucum,this had shrunk their hearts,we had nothing to lose so we gave her one and a half teaspoons of cucumin everyday,she had a scan yesterday and her heart has shrunk one centimetre in diameter,this is a miracal, I dont know if it will work on your dog but what do you have to lose? good luck.A year ago our Golden was coughing,the vet said she has an enlarged heart and there is no cure, I done some research and a doctor from the University of Toroto said that they had been giving mice with enlarged hearts cucum,this had shrunk their hearts,we had nothing to lose so we gave her one and a half teaspoons of cucumin everyday,she had a scan yesterday and her heart has shrunk one centimetre in diameter,this is a miracal, I dont know if it will work on your dog but what do you have to lose? good luck.

Our dog is 14 1/2 years old and has had an enlarged heart for most of her life. Our vet started prescribing enalapril for her enlarged heart when we found out that she had the condition.When she was maybe about 8 she started being sluggish, not eating well and just low energy in general. Our vet started prescribing Deramaxx for pain and it really perked her up.A few years ago we noticed that she was panting more than usual and started coughing. Our vet xrayed her and saw her lungs were full of fluid. She prescribed furosemide which removed some of the fluid. But it makes her pee and drink a lot so watch out.Her enlarged heart presses up on the bottom of her wind pipe which adds to her coughing. This happens between their front shoulders. With our dog, if we rub and massage this area well when your dog is coughing.

Dear Jake, I am so sorry for your loss. I have a 14 yro Terrier mix, Clyde who I have had since he was 5 wks old. I hope Clyde goes in his sleep also b/c I don't want to euthanize. He is currently taking Vetmedin, enalepril, levothyroxine, metacam and pepsid. I changed his diet to chicken broth with boiled chicken, carrots and EN dog food. I hope this information helps others who seek help for a pet with this disease. We have owned several pets, Clyde is my soul mate dog

We have two shihzue's, both about 12 years old. Whey are taking enalapril, vetmedin, & one is on the lasix. the larger one (18 lbs.) we have been treating for a year. He has the enlarged stomach from fluid and went thru not wanting to go for his daily walk, but, is better right now. The smaller one is only 10 lbs. and has just stopped eating. She is on an appetite stimulant. She does not do as much coughing. We are jut trying to take care of them comfortably. It is very sad. We just want to keep them with us until they are gone. We have a wonderful vet. that they both see frequently. I hope they make it some longer, but, if we see them suffering we will have to make the necessarydecision. Hope they just go in their sleep. 

Our 10 year old rescue papillon who we have had for 6 months has been diagnosed with chronic heart failure. All is well as we have a great team at the vets and we have her in meds now and reduced exercise. She seems to have adjusted herself to her new lifestyle and is a very very happy sociable dog. For the second time now I have noticed her release a deep breath then stop breathing for a short time. It's happens when she is sleeping. Is this all part of the condition ? We are going to have an echocardiogram in a few weeks to get a clearer picture of what's happening, 

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