Sunday, June 1, 2014

How To Disable Lock And Start Screen in Windows 8

Windows 8, recently born OS (Operating System) by Microsoft which gave birth to many new features for every Windows OS users. Whenever you start your Computer, Windows 8 runs and lands into the lock screen, which shows a image and Date and time. You have to click it, to unlock the screen. This lock screen is a default thing in Windows 8 whenever you start your Computer.

For most of the touch screen laptop users who have Windows 8 installed and using it now, will have some bugs on by passing the lock and start screen. This tutorial will be helpful for them too.

This irritates a lot for most of us. In this article, I'll be sharing "How to disable lock & start screen and directly go to the desktop in Windows 8". But after you disable the start & lock screen, when you start your computer you will be landing the start menu metro screen.

How to disable lock screen in Windows 8

This is just an easy way to disable the lock screen in your Windows 8. By this method, you'll not be landed in the lock screen while starting, and you will be taken to the Login screen directly.
  • First you have to open the RUN command by pressing Windows key + R
  • Run command will be opened. Type gpedit.msc and hit enter, next you will be taken to the Local Group Policy Editor in your Windows 8
  • Now on the Local Group Navigator window navigate to 
Administrative templates > Control Panel > Personalization.

  •  Now the Window in the right side you can see an option called "Do not display the lock screen".
  • Double click that option, and you will be able to see three options regarding the lock screen.
  • You have choose "Enabled" and Press "OK".
And that's it, you have disabled the lock screen that always appears when you start your PC. You'll no longer see the lock screen, if you want to get it back again you can undo the all the things that you have done now. Below you will see how to skip the start screen of metro start menu, and enter into desktop directly.

How to skip metro start screen in Windows 8

You can also skip the Metro start menu, and you can directly enter into your desktop after you sign in to Windows 8. Follow the steps mentioned below to skip the Metro start screen while starting your PC.

You need not run command or do anything else with your Computer, now it's time for a tool. Skip Metro Suite is a special Windows 8 tool, that helps you to skip the Metro start screen while your start your PC.

What you have to do is, download the Skip Metro Suite tool, open it select "Skip Start Screen" and press "Save Settings". Have a look at below image

You can download the Skip Metro Suite Windows 8 tool here

You have now disabled the Metro start screen menu too! It works like a charm! Restart your PC, and you'll be able to notice that there will not be the lock screen and metro start screen!

If you have any doubts or questions regarding this Windows 8 tutorial, kindly let me know them via comments below. Kindly take 5 seconds to share this article!


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