Friday, August 7, 2015

'TheWhatsapp' Virtual Assistant for Whatsapp Messenger

Hey Social Bud, busy nowadays? Don't have enough time to reply your besties? After huge success of 'Rajnikant' and 'Natasha' Virtual Assistant for Hike Messenger, its time to use VA for Whatsapp, you heard it right...

The 'TheWhatsapp' team has made a VA providing various utilities and useful services for Whatsapp. You can consider it as an automated program, which auto-replies to messages. Which messages to send it decided on the previous messages sent by person on other side, this Virtual assistant is gonna save a lot of your time.

About the Developers :

'TheWhatsapp' team is not related to Official Whatsapp App anyhow, Whatsapp Messenger is free for life time and is used by millions of people, so the motive behind this is to provide important utilities for free, especially those services which are usually paid like VAS offers by Telecom Operators. This Whatsapp VA is developed by a group of 3 people, Mitul Gadhiya , Krunal Panchamiya & Virat Patel.

How this Works?

Adding this VA into Whatsapp and making use of it is very simple and easy process.
  1. Add 'Whatsapp Bot' into your Contact list, Contact Number is : +91-9408942579
  2. Send 'Hi' to the 'Whatsapp Bot' Contact.
  3. And now you have done, send the messages from the given list of strings and you will get the response, make sure your messages is listed in their string list otherwise you will not get any response
Currently, this WhatsApp bot provides the following info: 
  • Whatsapp Status 
They have lots of statuses into their collections like attitude status, romantic, current affairs status and lot more, just message "@waststus" and you will get some cool statuses
  • Live Indian Currency Conversion 
To get live currency rates for AUD, USD, CAD etc. Just Message "@currency"
  • Live Sensex – NIFTY 
To get Sensex reports and Rates for Gold, Silver, Oil etc. just message "@stock" 
  • Random Shayaris and Funny Jokes 
To get some shayaris and jokes to refresh your mood just message "@shayari" or "@jokes" or "@quotes"
  • Indian Railway PNR 
To get the PNR status message, "@pnr <10 digit PNR No>"
  • Hindi News, Gujarati News,  English News
For Hindi news: @aajtak or @bhaskar , For Gujrati news: @akila & For English News: @googlenews
  • Wikipedia 
To get Any wiki info type @wiki <your search term>
  • Cricket Score
To get latest cricket score type @cricket

You might encounter some bugs, so don't panic, this bot is under rapid development. Wish them good-luck, so they can make it more awesome.


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