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Monoblackjackopolypoker: Turn Monopoly into a real gambling game with poker and blackjack added into the mix!

Monoblackjackopolypoker is a fusion game that consists of Monopoly, paired with two classic casino games: poker and blackjack. Founded in 2011, the game is slowly gathering a following amongst players across the globe as a more exciting and thrilling version of the classic boardgame by Hasbro.

Monopoly and blackjack poker

Monoblackjackopolypoker is the ultimate gambler's version of the classic board game Monopoly™. Add casino like Blackjack and Poker to Monopoly, throw in some casino chips, and you're ready to go!

The Rules to Monoblackjackopolypoker

The game starts with making sure you have the complete setup. Please check our "The Setup" page for information on what you need to run a succesful Monoblackjackopolypoker game. Once you have confirmed the setup, you can start with the practical preparations.

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Depending on the number of players, make sure you think about the lay-out of the table and where you'll be sitting. Leave enough of an open space for the bank to have a dedicated spot where everyone can see it, and also allow room for the card games (including room for the flop!). When you decide on a lay-out, distribute the Monopoly money* as outlined in the official Monopoly rules. We use Monopoly Las Vegas, but depending on the Monopoly you use the numbers can vary. There is no need to differentiate from the official Monopoly rules; so we stick with them.

* You can also use poker chips for Monopoly Money for an even more "Casinoey" feel. Make sure to use seperate chips as monopoly money and as "real money", though. Just to give you an idea of how great this can look, check out this topic over at Chiptalk.

Once the Monopoly money is distributed, ask all players to buy poker chips for the poker and blackjack games. In the box on the right of this paragraph we discuss the importance of picking the right stakes and how we go about selecting stakes depending on the players we have in our mix. Whatever stakes you decide on, it's important that before starting the game, players are forced to buy in for at least the designated minimum (and at most the designated maximum, if you've set a limit!).

At this point — players all have a pawn on "Start", the set amount of starting Monopoly-money and a variable amount of money in chips. If that's the case: we're ready to go!

The Game

The game runs exactly the same as a normal Monopoly game, except for when you hit "Chance" (Jackpot Station in Monopoly Las Vegas) or "Community Chest" (Real Estate Tycoon in Monopoly Las Vegas). When you land on "Chance", the player who threw the dice will deal one hand of No Limit Hold'em or No Limit/Pot Limit Omaha (and thus take the dealer button). When you land on "Community Chest" the player who threw the dice will deal one hand of blackjack to all the other players who can bet anything from a pre-set minimum to a pre-set maximum. For more information about the money games, please check out page on "The Money".


Deals are allowed in the Monopoly-side of the game, as long as no real money is paid for in-game deals. For example: you cannot exchange two title deeds for $500 monopoly money and $25 real money. Title deeds, "get-out-of-jail-free" cards, monopoly money, etc... however are all fair game and deals are a vital part of any Monoblackjackopolypoker game.

The Money Aspect of Monoblackjackopolypoker

The money games, blackjack and poker, are the main difference between monopoly and monoblackjackopolypoker. For gamblers, the stakes chosen in these games have a huge impact on how "big" the game is.

The first question to answer is: do you want a cap on the buy-in or not. In most cases, a cap is a good thing. For example: if you want the big winner in the game to win about $400 on average, you'd want a $50 cap on the buy-in/rebuy with a minimum of $25, combined with a $100 per person bet on the monopoly game itself. We always put a cap on the blackjack bet (a good rule of thumb is 20% of the maximum buy-in/rebuy, in this case $10 per hand).

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The Monopoly Bet

The Monopoly bet is pretty straightforward: players agree on an amount each person pays "as a privilege to play"— with the winner of the Monopoly game taking the full amount at the end. For example: in a 4-player game with each player betting $100 the winner ends up winning $300 and the 3 other players each lose $100. Pretty simple, no?

The Money Table

Below is a table to help you pick the right Monoblackjackopoly stakes for your game. Keep in mind these are based on our own personal experience and the variance involved in any gambling game can increase or decrease swings quite dramatically. However, we feel the table below is a good basis to start from.

With the "swing" column we mean the expected difference between the biggest winner and the biggest loser For example, if we predict a $500 swing, that means that in a 3-player scenario the big winner would win about $250 and the big loser is expected to lose around $250 on average.

"Low" Stakes "Mid" Stakes "High" Stakes
Swing $250 $500 $1000
Monopoly Bet $50 $100 $200
Buy-in/Rebuy Min/Max $10/$25 $25/$50 $50/$200
Blackjack Min Bet/Max Bet $1/$3 $3/$10 $5/$25
Poker Blinds $1/$2 $1/$2 $2/$5
Chip Denominations $1/$5 $1/$5/$25 $1/$5/$25/$100

The Poker Blinds

We suggest keeping the poker blinds relatively high compared to the buy-in/rebuy amounts. With shallow stacks the action is really good in the poker games, allowing the game to start off quickly considering everyone is shortstacked at the start of the game. With stacks too deep, optimal play becomes way too nitty and that's notgood for the quality of the Monoblackjackopoly game.

Uncapped Buy-ins/Rebuys

Taking the cap off the buy-in/rebuy amount will not always increase the amount of action or even make the game bigger. Yes, effective stacks will be much deeper later on as busted players will buy in much deeper, but especially in the poker hands this often means people won't be forced to go with certain hands, or people will be less inclined to put in more bets pre-flop. Yes, the big pots will be smaller with the cap; but in general, the average pot size might be significantly bigger as well.

The Setup for Monoblackjackopolypoker

Monoblackjackopolypoker takes a little more "gear" compared to a regular game of Monopoly — but not thatmuch. Listed below is a quick overview of what you need to make your Monoblackjackopolypoker game a success.

Monopoly Game

Obviously, you need a Monopoly game. Whereas you can obviously use pretty much any Monopoly game, I'm a big fan of using either a cool themed Monopoly (like the Monopoly Las Vegas we use) or a very cool vintage/deluxe one like the famous Franklin Mint Edition, the The Heirloom Edition or the Wooden Luxury Edition.

Poker Chips

Depending on whether or not you want to use the paper monopoly money, you have two options: one set of poker chips or two sets of poker chips. If you are anything like us you prefer using chips, and in that case using two sets of poker chips (or keeping certain denominations for "real money" play in poker and blackjack and some for "monopoly money") is a lot of fun. It means every player gets a stack of chips, and no paper money clutters the table. The absolute best way to do this in our opinion is getting a poker chip set with at least 7 or 8 color variations and reserving two or 3 depending on your stakes for cash money play and reserving the rest for monopoly-use ($1/$5/$25/$100$500 is more than sufficient for Monopoly use if you have enough chips!)

In our game we usually combine two sets of poker chips though, simply because of a lack of color denominations in our custom ceramic chip set. Even with two sets of chips, this still plays and looks much better than using the paper Monopoly-money.

If you are looking for an affordable and usable set to buy - this relatively cheap 7-color set could work great if you use two of the color denoms for cash play use. You can also contact poker set specialist through their website and they'll give you a discount if you mention Monoblackjackopolypoker. These guys ship for free within Belgium, so for our local friends, that might be a good deal!

Poker Table

You don't really need a poker table obviously, but it is more authentic and fun to do so. We got ours from a local shop in The Netherlands but Amazon has some great poker table options as well for various budgets — as we've tried to demonstrate by showing you a little selection of tables we like on the right side of this paragraph.

Make sure the table is big enough. You need to fit the Monopoly board and allow room for a flop & a blackjack deal. Keep in mind that, seeing as real money is involved, it's vital to keep the Monopoly bank in clear view for everyone.

Cupholders are a huge plus seeing as you don't want people spilling drinks on Title Deeds, the game board or the paper money. If your table does not have cupholders, we do suggest using small side tables.



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