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10 hidden features that Nobody told You About Android Device

Technology is moving ahead so quickly nowadays. Before few years a mobile phone was like wow for everyone. And today it seems very common to have a mobile device with everyone. Mobile devices are like omnipresent nowadays and the most popular trend is android mobiles. Android devices are the most popular ones, because of its fair price and multipurpose features within it. Everybody definitely will be knowing about its common features but does anyone know the below listed hidden features of Android.

android hidden features

1. Quick Google access:

As Internet is becoming the habit for every user using android and Google is the most useful search engine. Then android keeps this thing in mind and they provided the quick way to open the Google. You just need to press menu key for fewer seconds and automatically Google Search Engine will open.
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android hidden features

Nowadays in Android K and further updates Google has given new way to instantly access the Google app and search over the Google, You Just need to say "OK Google" and then speak out your query, Google app will automatically on upon saying "OK Google" and search whatever you said. Even you can use it while you device is in locked mode.

After recording a trusted voice, you can use "Ok Google" to unlock your device. But this feature wouldn't work if your device is not charging and

2. Get detailed information of your Android phone :

android hidden features

You will be surprised by knowing that you can access the most important information about your device by just typing *#*#4636#*#*. By typing this code in your dial you will get the information regarding your phone like IMEI, current network, cell information, etc. In Battery Information you will get battery status, power plug, battery health, etc. Usage Statistics will give the application name, count and usage time in MS. And Wi-Fi contains Wi-Fi API, Wi-Fi Configuration and Wi-Fi status.

3. Easier way to type difficult words:

It is the best and time saving feature of Android device that helps you to not type the full word manually. By just typing some of the characters you will get whole word as a suggestion. Even you can add your own custom words to the dictionary.
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android hidden features

Google Keyboard has given features like :
  • Text Correction
  • Gesture Typing
  • Auto Completion
  • Auto Suggestions
  • Changing Cases

4. Never lose your mobile:

Before Android people got difficulty to find the owner of mobile devices unless he receive any call on that phone, but after Android the problem got solved. Add Owner information into your Android phone, so it would be easy for someone to return you if he finds your phone somewhere.

android hidden features

For this :
  • Go to Device Settings
  • Navigate to Security
  • And tap on Screen Lock
  • Fill your Information on there and save the settings
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Now your information will be shown on your Android's lock screen, so it made easy to recognize the owner of any Android Device.

5. Google maps:

Google Maps is the one of the interesting feature from Google into Androids. Whatever you are new to any city or stuck into meshy streets, Google Maps never lets you lost in somewhere in somewhere. It even works pretty well on the slower networks and keeps you updated with your location. It will also works fine even if your Android device doesn't support GPS system, by approximating your location using your network location.

android hidden features

There are lots of mode given into this awesome map like Satellite view using which you can clearly see how any place looks in the real world from the top , Traffic view it shows real time traffic on the Roads and the Streets, so your can avoid sticking in the heavy traffic using Google Maps. Street View is also given into this app using which you can virtually go to anywhere in the world, it makes you feel like visiting the world just from home. There are so many 360 degree rotatory images given for various hotels, monuments, restaurants and reads using which you can even see inside the buildings.

You can even get Timings for Public Transportation like Metro, bus and train timings along with the available routes from the source to destination.

6. Special Characters:

Android device provides lots of special characters which make you feel anxious and creative. You can use different type of characters by just holding a character for a fraction of seconds then you will get the characters you want.

android hidden features

Emoji are now added to the default Android keyboard, now you don't need to remember the codes used for different emoji symbols.

7. Create multiple users profiles:

android hidden features

New version of Android allows to manage many users in just single phone. As it might be possible that one android phone can be used by many people. So for privacy purpose you can manage the users. Go to settings >> user option to set up the multiple user functionality.

8. Smart lock:

Your phone should contain password as it might contain your personal and confidential information but it becomes tedious task when you need to enter password or draw the pattern again and again even in the area which are safe like home or office or anywhere else. Then you can achieve this via settings >> security >> smart lock.

android hidden features

Smart lock various options are added like Trusted Device, Trusted Body, Trusted Place. Upon adding these things you aren't required to enter the password again and again.

9. Tap & Go:

android hidden features

While changing devices we only worried about our data stored in our old devices. Android introduced Wi-Fi direct using which big sized files can easlity be transferred within few minutes. You can use external apps like NFC or XENDER in which you can transfer your data just by tapping on the items you want to transfer.

10. Find your phone even if it is in silent mode:

android hidden features

If you forgot that where you have misplaced your phone in hurry and your phone is in the silent mode then you can take the help of Android Device Manager. Now suppose you forgot where your mobile device is then you just need to open a browser and in that type "find my phone through android device manager". Further it will ask you to sign in from your Google mail Id and password and make sure you are signing in the same Google account which is there in your Android device. After that it will ask you for three options: Ring, Lock and Erase. Choose an appropriate option and you are done..!


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