Sunday, August 6, 2017

4 Ultimate Sources to Download Paid Android Apps for Free

As of today there are millions of Android enabled Smartphones, and so far we have known about Google play store as the most trusted source for Android apps. But there are lots of Apps that are listed as Paid, but you hesitate before purchasing them because you think there must be a trial version before paying for those apps.

download paid android apps for free

Well If you are looking for some sources which provide paid apps for free as a trial version, then you are at right place. you can try them and later purchase if you really liked any of the apps. We'll be providing the reference to those sources where you can get trial versions of paid apps.

Before Proceeding any further, I would like to give a warning " this article includes links to download the trail version of paid apps, and are only meant for educational purpose only, we are not responsible anyhow you use this knowledge and any type of consequences you face. Piracy is illegal and we are not encouraging it. We respect the hard work of developers, so suggesting to purchase rather from Google Play store instead."

In order To install apps from the external sources, you need to make a security check and allow your device to download apps from sources other than play store. For this Go to Security Option given into your Settings and Then Allow Installation from unknown sources.

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Now coming to the main topic and start reading about those Free App Sources. Download Paid Apps for Free:

4. GetAPK :

You can download any Free or Paid Apps from here, but the app is designed just to download the .apk files and it lacks proper navigation. So downloading any app might be difficult from here.

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But the reason behind this app is listed here is, due to a specific reason and that reason makes it apart from other app markets of its kind. This app keeps nearly all the versions of every app. Sometimes App developers remove certain features from their newer versions, features that are quite useful for the users, so keeping all the versions comes handy in such cases.


3. 1Mobile Market :

This is another popular app market, which is having a collection of Popular Paid and Free. Apps here are added manually unlike other app sources, so adding your favorite app may be a little bit delayed. And the best part about this apps is, it is available on the play store as a lite version and having some limitations like, in the lite version, it only allows free apps due to Google's Policies for Apps.

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But after installing the lite-version it will ask you to upgrade it and that will lift up your limitations, after that, you will be able to download all free and paid apps. You can also download the full version direct from its website.


2. MoboGenie Market :

The idea is quite similar to 1Mobile Market, and you can download the Lite version of MoboGenie from Play Store, a few months back full version was also available but later removed due to the policy violations.

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MoboGenie Market is Lot more than just apps, on Mobogenie you can download Paid E-Books, Music, Videos and Movies for Free. MoboGenie App also works as a YouTube Downloader. There are lots of other features like in-built File Manager, Garbage Cleaner and Wheather Notifications.


1. BlackMart :

Most Popular App Market for Free Apps like King of *Pirated Apps, you can get almost all the apps available on App Store whatever it is free or paid. This is a must have app for An Android geek who wants to have a taste of all the apps for free.

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And the best part about the app is, it is Highly customized in respect to user-experience. One can say it as a replica of 'Play Store App' where every thing is categorized. You can even filter app on Paid and Free basis, on their ratings and their Added Date. It gives users a hassle free experience.


So these were 4 popular app sources to download paid Android apps for free, hope you enjoyed it. 

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  1. good reference, means the application that we get is a trial application and for the next paid or still free