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YouTube Go - Play Unlimited Videos without eating up your data

Google LLC is developing a new app named 'YouTube Go' to watch your YouTube Videos with lots of new awesome features. This app is designed for users having limited data or slower network connections. So with the release of this app users on 2G & 3G network will be able to watch YouTube Videos without buffering issues. Here I'll introduce about the new features introduced in this app, so read till end.

youtube go

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'YouTube Go' is an Android app which is under development, however you can download it's Beta version from Google Play store with this link. YouTube Go App is for everyday YouTube companion or you can say for a YouTube Freak who spend most of the his time for watching videos on YouTube. While watching videos we usually care about our limited data packs and buffering spoil our rest of the enjoyment, but now it's not gonna happen anymore.

youtube go features

Features of YouTube app in YouTube Go:

  • Discover Unlimited Music, Videos, TV Shows, Movies, Fashion, Courses and lot more
  • Download your favorite videos and stream them offline
  • Instantly Share Videos without any extra or no data usage

New Features in YouTube Go:

  • Light-Weighted App Size- Only 9MB
  • Control Your Data
  • Control your Storage
  • Super Fast - no hang issues

youtube go features

Control Your Data

  • Now you can choose any videos either to watch or directly download without buffering online
  • Now you can preview videos before downloading or watching them online, like watching some random clips from the video you're gonna watch
  • you can now choose how much data to spend on any video or on all videos

Control your Storage

  • Now you can select where to download your videos on Device's Internal Storage or in any external storage unit like SD card or Pen Drive
  • You can watch your downloaded videos without buffering, anytime, anywhere and no internet connection is required to watch your downloaded videos
  • Once your download You can watch those downloaded videos as many times your wish with no extra data cost

Share Videos On the Go

  • YouTube has Introduced where you can send videos to your Friends which you have added on your Google Account, and the best thing is no extra data is required while sharing videos to your friends
  • Send and Receive Videos in Seconds
  • Send Videos to people near you

youtube go features

Super Fast without any hang issues

  • Now you don't have to worry about App and Phone Hanging issues
  • YouTube Go is Made to work on devices running on lower android version or Devices having low or limited storage.

So these were features of YouTube Go, I hope you're fired up to use this new app from Google. Maximize your fun without eating up much of your data and storage


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