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6 Whatsapp Messenger features you might be unaware of | Trick to get unblocked from all the blocked lists

Whatsapp messenger has gained so much popularity that even enterprises use it for personal or official works. It is widely used across the globe and the app version was launched for Smartphone devices only. You can use it into your Windows PC, Linux and Mac devices using Whatsapp Web or by making use of Android emulators you would be able to run the app version into your Windows and Mac Systems. There are still some issues in the app, but those can be removed/overcome using tips and tricks for Whatsapp messenger.

Whatsapp hidden features and tricks

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So here 5 tricks are given actually these are not tricks, there are the options given inside the Whattsapp messenger and these options will help you using Whatsapp smoothly.

1. Tired of auto downloading of media files, then stop it

Whenever someone sends any media files like images, videos or audio files, Whatsapp automatically download these files without your permission, whenever you connect to internet. This might be troublesome when you have limited data left and people are sending so many media files directly to you or in a group you joined.

Whatsapp has given an option, by turning of Whatsapp no longer auto download these media files, then you would be able to download media whenever you want not anytime when you connect to internet.

Steps to disable Auto-download media on Android

  1. Open Whatsapp messenger
  2. Go to Settings
  3. navigate to Chats and Calls and open it
  4. Now there would be an option named " Media Auto-Download"
  5. You can set when you want to download these media files i.e. whenever connected to Wi-FI network or when in roaming etc.

Steps to disable Auto-download media on iPhone/iPad/iOS

In iPhone/iPad devices you can either turn ON or OFF auto downloads, there is no specific option like as in Android version of Whatsapp messenger.

2. Turn off Blue Ticks

Whatsapp has given ticking system to the messages since the first version.
  • Clock mark show you are not connected to the internet but your message saved and will be delivered when your device connect to the internet.
  • One tick shows you message is sent but not delivered to the device on the other side
  • Two Grey Tick show that your message is sent and delivered to the device on the other side, but not seen by the receiver person
  • Two Blue ticks show that your delivered message is seen by the receiver
When someone send you messages through Whatsapp, the tick marks turned blue on sender's side whenever you read them. But you can prevent those ticks for turning blue, Whatsapp has also given an option for that.

turn off blue ticks after message seen

Steps to prevent ticks from turning blue after message seen

  1. Go to Settings
  2. open Account
  3. Navigate to Privacy options
  4. And then there will be toggle button given for Read Receipts, turn of the toggle button for disabling the Blue ticks feature

3. Change current Whatsapp number

Sometime we need to change the current contact number using which we are registered on Whatsapp to a new or any old number, but people worries about their saved data and chats on the older account. So people either don't change their Whatsapp account number or they create new account. When I was new on Whatsapp I accidentally deleted my current account from the Whatsapp while changing to another account.

Changing Whatsapp account feature doesn't delete your chats and data related to your old account number, rather it migrate older account to new account and merge all the chats related to your older account and new account.

Change current Whatsapp number

Steps to Change the Account on Whatsapp Messenger

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Account
  3. Tap on Change my Number
  4. And tap on Continue
  5. Enter your old number related to your current Whatsapp account
  6. And Your new number in the next field
  7. Verify new number through SMS or Call and then you have changed to a new account without losing your old data and chats

4. Changing messages Font

Whatsapp messenger has described a new hidden way to change the fonts of the messages you sent to others. The new font is known as FixedSys and using it you can Bold, Italics, Strike through your text using some extra symbols. It's been difficult for Apple users to use FixedSys due to their default iOS keyboard sucks when it comes to use these symbols. Its been very tough to find these symbols in default iOS keyboard. But the Android users can take advantage of it.

Changing messages Font FixedSys

Steps to use FixedSys font in Whatsapp messenger

  • To change the current font use ` symbol three times before the start of the message and at the end of the message you want to change (this is not single quote symbol)
    • Eg: ```Hello this is FixedSys```
    • Eg: Hello this is ```FixedSys``` hope you enjoyed it
  • Enclose your message into * symbol to bold the message
    • Eg: *This message is shown in bold*
  • Enclose your message into _ symbol (underscore) to Italic your message
    • Eg: _this message will be shown in Italics_
  • Enclose your message into ~ symbol to strike through your message
    • Eg: ~This is strike through ~

5. Delete your Whatsapp Account

Some people are not addicted to chatting and don't found Whatsapp so useful. So Whatsapp provides you an option to delete your Whatsapp account permanently. There might be several other reasons behind deleting the account, but unlike other apps you are free to delete current Whatsapp account. Keep in mind that deleting the account is permanent and you can't undo the changes. Deleting account results in deleting all your chats and data associated with your current account. It also removes you from all the groups you have joined saved backups on Google drive.

 Delete your Whatsapp Account

Steps to delete Whatsapp account permanently

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to Account
  3. And tap on Delete my Account
  4. And confirm your selection.

6. Unblock from all the account

Whatsapp hasn't given any option to get unblocked from all the accounts that have blocked you from sending messages and seeing their stuff like statuse, profile pictures etc. You need to use this trick to get unblock from all the accounts.

Steps to unblock from all the accounts that previously blocked you

In the fifth trick i have described you about deleting the Whatsapp account permanently and this will lead to deletion of all your online activity and removal from groups and this will also removes you from the block list of the accounts that have blocked your number.

  1. Delete your current account which you want to be removed from the block list of others, use the fifth trick to delete your account
  2. Now register for new account on Whatsapp using the number related to your deleted account
  3. And now you can send messages to the people, who blocked your account.

I hope you enjoyed these tricks and might be useful for you and your friends and don't forget to share if you like this post.


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