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download Xender File sharing app for Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac system

Xender is one of those file sharing apps freely available on the Play store and several other app stores. It already got huge hits and installed into millions of devices working on different platforms. It has gained pretty good reputation due to its quality features, lacking into several other apps. You can share almost any kind of file between devices working on same or different platforms.

download Xender File sharing app for Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac system

In this internet world, technology is evolving with the lightening speed and things are getting easier and sophisticated. In past the only way to sharing files are either through Bluetooth while sending through mobile-to-mobile and through wired connection between system-mobile. But transferring files through Bluetooth was a lazy task and you need to wait for a long time while sharing files having sizes in MB, and for sharing between System-mobile you need to have a USB cable for connection between your System and your mobile.

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But recently after launch of Android platform, things got better and new transmission medium discovered. Several apps were launched that operate on device's wi-fi feature and allow you to share data at faster rate than Bluetooth. There are so many Apps like ShareIt, Xender, Flash Transfer apps etc.
But ShareIt and Xender are most widely used and they offer data sharing at very high rate similar to of USB cable. I had already posted an articel about Shareit file transfer app, so today i wrote an articel for Xender-File sharing app

download Xender File sharing app for Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac system

Why Xender app is better than others ?

While using Xender you will find many features, that were lacking in apps used for sharing. You will find almost every feature in Xender that should be in perfect sharing app, Xender is different than other sharing apps due to following capabilities:

  • You can share almost each and every type of files through Xender app
  • No internet connectivity required
  • Transfer rates are over hundred times better than sharing through Bluetooth and 5 times better than other sister sharing apps
  • Developed for almost every popular mobile and Computer platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Mac
  • you can share to devices working on different platform
  • hundreds of millions of files got transfers daily
  • In built support to play Videos and Music within Xender app
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Features of Xender-File Sharing App

There are lots of unique features given to Xender app, that made it universally popular app some of them are followings: 

  • Share files with lightening speed :  
Images, Audio, Video and almost every kind of file can be transferred through Xender app with the super fast speed, this highest recorded transfer rate is 10 MB per second, you can't gain this rate even using a physical data cable. 

  •  No Restrictions :
You are free to send any type of file of any size, you are not restricted to share limited size files, you can even share directory or set of directories within a while. 

  •  No Physical Connection Required :
 Xender app is available for  Windows PC and Mac Systems, so you can share files between your Android/iOS and your Mac/Windows systems through wi-fi direct in wireless medium.

  •  Got enough space then why don't sharing HD movies 
Using Xender you can easily send file having sizes in Gigabytes, you are all set free.

  • Access to built in file manager 
Xender app has given builtin File Manager into it, so you can easily select files through it for sharing. You can also view, select, delete and even backup your device files any time.

  • One tap new app installations 
Xender has given an option to know about the apps that have been installed into the device on the other side but not yours  and you can  easily receive those app just by single tap permission, you can even update apps if your friends got the latest or upgraded version of any app.

  •  Sharing on Cross Platforms 
 You can share files to any type of device all you just need is Xender app should be installed in both of the devices and both should have support for wi-fi direct.

  •  Smart replication feature 
You can easily switch your mobile data like images, contacts, videos and other files from your old device to new one

  • User friendly Design
 Proper user friendly interface is given to Xender app so a civil man can use this app easily :p

  • Share by sliding
You can share Photos simply by sliding your images on your device screen

  • Available for Multiple languages
 This feature hardly available into any other sharing app, Multiple language support is given in Xender app so people can share files into their native languages which they easily can understand.
These languages are  English, Indonesian,Portuguese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, Russian, German, Polish,  Arabic, Bengali, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Greek, Hungarian.

Xender app for Android

As i told before Xender app is available for almost every popular platform, your can download Xender for Android either from Google Play Store or any other app stores like Apptoid, Apk4fun or GetJar etc. You can also download it from their official site, Make sure you have enabled downloading from the unknown sources while installing app manually. Read Also: Save Data with YouTube Go Android App

Xender app for iPhone/iOS/iPad

Apple users are restricted to download apps only from Apple App store unless you have a jail-broken Apple device. So to download Xender for iPhone you have to download it from your App Store.

Xender for Windows PC/Smartphone 

You can download Xender app for your Windows Smartphone devices from their official app or Microsoft app store. You can also install Xender apk using Bluestacks or any other android emulator in your Windows PC or simply download PC version for  Xender app.

Xender app for Mac System

You need to visit your App store or download from their official site to install Xender app into your Mac system. Read Also: Download Paid Apps for Free

In the last I would like to say there are so many popular sharing apps that supports cross platforms and share with lightening speed and Xender is nearly top of them, so if you need an alternative to your sharing app then i suggest you to try Xender app at least once.


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