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Dragon Mania | Leveling-Up Dragons and Battle Strategy Guide

Dragon Mania and Dragon City have quite similar game-play elements but they both have unique battle mechanics. Once you understand how combat works then you would find it extremely addicting while fighting through Fire-breathing creatures. A slider given at vertical bar that rapidly moves towards up and down. You need to wait for specific moment to hit the paw button for maximum damage the creatures at rival side. The battle option added some extra spice to the game-play.

guide to level up dragons and battle strategies in Dragon Mania

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Dragon Mania features tons of breeding combinations and each combination offers any powerful dragon. Winning battles into Dragon mania is not everyone's cup of tea. In order to understand the game-play and to win the battle you are required to be a regular player who create and power up the creatures by raising their levels and regularly keep upgrading buildings. Here few tips are given that will help you understanding the game-play and help you nurturing your dragon base.

Level up your Dragons

The best chances of winning any fight is when your Dragons are more powerful than rival's. The best way for upgrading your dragons is to feed them regularly with the food they like, including Leafy Greens, Dragon Root, Cerulean palms.

guide to level up dragons in Dragon Mania

Build more farms as you can provided you the enough space for them and at least two, one for Dragon Roots and another for Cerulean palms and Leafy greens. This will help in faster food collection and better & faster feeding to your Dragons. You can purchase the farm space using Gold or Gems.

Battle Strategies

To rescue Hogwin- The Great from the evil the Dragon Master and to prove your might, you can fight your dragons with rival dragons. To start any battle, tap on the Treasure Chest button and pick at most 3 dragons of your choice, you can hire mercenaries which help your providing extra creatures. Hit the Check mark button when you are ready, to start the battle. Some tips are given as following :

guide to battle strategies in Dragon Mania
  • Always try to pick higher level Dragons while confronted to strong enemy, lower level dragons can be beaten easily by the stronger opponent.
  • Don't pick Dragons of similar type in your team, You don't know to what type of dragons you are confronting with, so better to have mixed pack.
  • Wait for the perfect moment and tap on Green Area for a critical damage to your rival dragon, don't hurry while hitting the green area wait for perfect shot.
  • You can switch to any Dragons while battle, just tap on the Creature portrait and bring the dragon to the battle field, remember whenever you switch between dragons then opponent got chance to attack on you first.
  • Make sure you choose perfect dragon according to rival type, every dragons has some weaknesses, resistance and immune. Any dragon belongs to ground type will be weaker if battled with Wind, Water or energy type Dragon, but immune to similar kind of enemies i.e. of ground type. So its better to know about the immunity and weaknesses of the rival dragons before fighting or in between fighting, you can get complete details using the encyclopedia option, just tap on the magnifying glass given in the Treasure chest menu at bottom right corner and scroll it. Better to take Pen and paper along with you to note down the name, immune and weaknesses of the rival dragons.
guide to battle strategies in Dragon Mania

Upgrading the Habitats

Sometime we can't place much habitats due to limited space we have, but there is an option given to upgrade your habitats that are already places in the park, tap on the habit you want to upgrade and tap on Upgrade button, remember upgrading takes time and gold, so if don't have coins either you need to use your Gems or wait until enough gold collected required for upgrading. Upgrading increase the size to keep more dragons in Habitats, regularly upgrade your habitats to save more space and keep more dragons. 

guide to upgrading Habitats in Dragon Mania

Connect and earn Gems and Gold bonus

  • When you connect your Dragon Mania account to your Facebook account, you will get reward bonus of 50 gems. This offer might be for limited time so make sure you have collected the reward gems
  • You might got bonus gold when you win battle without losing any dragon from your team. But if you loose one Dragon then you still might have some chances to get Red Trinkets. Winning battles also reward you some food and 2000+ gold
  • There are some tasks given and you'll get rewarded upon completion of each reward, like 5 gems for visiting Dragon park of Ned for the very first time. To collect your free trinkets check your messages.
  • You might get some reward for visiting Dragon base of your Facebook friends but you need to be connected to your Facebook account to complete these achievements and offers. You can feed their dragons and few other simple tasks to get bonus, you need to wait for next day to do the same task once you complete all the simple tasks.
  • Stay connected to the game and keep your eyes on the daily rewards to get more food and gems, this could only be possible if you are a regular player of Dragon mania
  • To get some extra free coins complete the given quests. To get the list of quotes open the envelope given at the bottom left corner. Blue stars help in leveling up your Dragon and also award your some bonus coins.
connect to facebook and earn rewards in Dragon Mania

Extract Encyclopedia and get perfect breeding combination

The game the lots of Dragons so you need to choose the breeding combination very carefully to make a new more powerful fire-breathing monster dragon. Search over the encyclopedia, you'll require a breeding den to make a totally new and powerful dragon, which you can get from Building menu. Tap on Breed button and select any two dragons to make another new dragon.

guide to breeding combinations in Dragon Mania

Tap on magnifying glass at treasure chest and get a complete list of possible combinations, you can filter the list through elemental affinity. Make sure you have choose two powerful dragons with superior immune and less weaknesses to breed a more powerful and better monster dragon.


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