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Google Duo - Video calling was never been so simpler and secure

There are lots of apps releasing day by day most of them are scraps but  some are worthy downloads. Recently Google launched Google Duo, a simple interfaced video calling app available for Android and iOS devices. It makes one on one calling between Android to Android and Android to iOS devices unlike Apple's Facebook which has dependency on compatible devices. The only requirement is, Duo must be installed into both devices. While Android users enjoying calling to their friends through Duo, iOS users doesn't have that advantage they can only call to Android devices i.e. Duo can;t be used to make calls between iPhone and iPhone. Main highlights of this app is given below.

Google Duo - Video calling was never be so simpler and secure

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Features of Google Duo

Google Duo is enriched with lots of awesome features which makes it different from its sister apps and stand it alone from the queue.

1. Check previews with Knock Knock

Knock Knock is one of the important features of Duo, using this feature you would be able to watch the preview about who you are calling by opening their device's camera in real time. If your are initializing the call then you will be notified through a small message when the person you are calling uses this knock knock option.

If you are an Android user then you will get call alert whether Duo is opened or not, but for Apple users you will be notified if Duo is opened in background otherwise you will get a notification about "Someone is calling you".

But sometime you worry about this knock knock feature and want to prevent getting seen before you want, don't worry there is an option too for disabling this Knock Knock feature, and then only people who already been in your contact list would be able to see your preview in real time. But you can't turn off this feature on person to person basis, i.e. either Knock Knock or nothing.

You can even block someone on Duo from calling you and the best thing when you block someone, that person doesn't got any clue of blocking, when they call you, they will hear continuous ring as other people hear but you will not get any notification about them.

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2. Super Simple Interface

Duo is designed to compete with Apple's FaceTime, so User-Friendly interface is given to Duo. You'll see few options to make Video Call and your recent calls history will be displayed before you begin any call (Sorry there is no audio only call option). During call, you have options like Switch Camera, mute-Audio, hangup and rest of the screen filled with the person on the other line. You'll see your self in a small circle at the lower left of the screen. If you want to see yourself on full screen just tap on the preview circle at the lower left of your screen in which your image is displayed currently.

3. Duo different than Hangouts and Other communication tools

You might be wondering Google has already launched many communication tools and Video calling feature is given to the Google's Hangouts, then why Duo?

First of all, Duo is designed only for person-to-person video calls only, no texts, no group chats no audio calls. While using Hangouts you can text chat with your friends and even add more people to your chat i.e. group chats, you can Audio call to your friends.

Hangouts can be used on Desktops, Smartphones and Tablets but Duo is designed for mobile devices i.e. it can only be used on Smartphones and Tablets.

While signing into Google Duo, it requires a contact number not Google account, unlike Hangouts where you need to login through Google account and signup for new service.

There is End-to-End encryption given in Duo i.e. no one can see your chat other than you and person on other side, even Google wouldn't be able see your chat.

4. It works fine even on weaker networks

Not surprisingly Google Duo works smoothly on high speed wi-fi, even you wouldn't find any problem while using it on lower speed weaker networks. Their compression technique is so much powerful that, they carry image and audio without any packets loss and resulted in extremely pixel-ed pretty clear stable image with clear audio in your device and the quality automatically changes when joined to another network or Wi-Fi.

5. It's worth a shot of using it

There are lots of apps already lying in internet for Video calling and similar features and Duo is coming to the crowded space, this time is has to compete not only to Skype, Facebook and some other apps but with Google's Hangout too.

And all these other apps do more than person-to-person calling i.e. they supports group calling, text chatting, audio only calls supported etc. But the features given to Duo are lacking in every other apps like Knock Knock and especially end-to-end encryption.

Google believes that if you want to call a friend then you wouldn't require any group chats etc. it make things mixed and mashy.

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In the last, I just wanna say True iPhone users might stick to the Facetime but the Duo filled the gap between the iPhone and the Android users and its Knock Knock features added a quality to the Duo and the app made is so simpler to say Hi and Hello and with its end-to-end encryption you would no longer required to worry about the security concerns.


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