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11 things that were not possible without Android Nougat

Nowadays Google is rolling out Android Nougat 7.0 into its Nexus devices and other manufacturers started doing modifications to release Android 7.0 Nougat in upcoming months for their Android powered devices. So whether you are taking advantage of Android 7.0 or waiting for its release, there are 11 features described here which were officially not possible before upgrading to Android Nougat.

android nougat features

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Many of us have Android devices and they have already given too many awesome features but here I have given 11 features that were not officially possible without Android Nougat. Let me know if your device running of lower versions like Android Marshmallow, Lollipop or Kitkat having support for any of these features described below

Run Multiple apps side by side in Android 7.0

You might split your Android Screen many times using Split View Multi Screen or any other app, but know this feature is launched officially for devices running on Android Nougat. Now using this feature you would be able to run any of 2 apps simultaneously on a single screen.
Large screen devices like tablets are too handy for this, but this works fine even on small screened Android devices.

android nougat features

Steps to Run Multiple apps side by side :
  • Tap on the Overview Button and open the Multitasking view
  • Hold the app title bar and drag it to the top or the left of your screen
  • Now pick another app
You can change the space given to both windows just by tapping and holding the black bar given in the center.

You can return to the single window mode by holding the Overview button or drag the black bar all the way to the top or towards right side of the screen 

Instantly Switching between apps

Multitasking is already been so simpler but another useful change is given in Android Nougat, where you can return to previous app just by tapping the Overview button two times and with another double tap you can return to the first app.

android nougat features

Firstly it doesn't look so useful, but switching between Music and Maps were never been so easier while driving.

Extra battery saving

If you ever used lower versions of Android and recently updated to Android Marshmallow, you might feel improved battery life of your Android. Its because of Doze, a feature given to Android Marshmallow using which it puts your device on lower power mode and limits the battery usage by all running apps when your device is flat and still.

android nougat features

To implement doze properly, all the apps were required to relaunch their improved version to limit the alerts and extending battery life. With the Android Nougat, Doze got improved now it works even when your Android bounces in your Bag or in a Pocket. 

You can also limit the doze feature by excluding apps from the Battery optimization

Steps to exclude apps from the Doze

  • Go to your Device settings
  • Navigate to battery options and tap on it
  • Tap on the menu button given at the top right corner (with three dots)
  • And choose battery optimization
  • Un-check the apps you want to remove
  • Now press done/save

See Device info at a glance

Main Settings window in Android nougat got improved and now you can see main information like current CPU consumption, Consumed  Memory and RAM and battery consumption stat just from the main settings page. This is another small yet useful upgrade, now you are not required to dive into meshy settings.

android nougat features

You can check details about Current volume level, battery level, connected wi-fi network just by swiping down the screen in the setting app. Suggestions are also given at the top which you might not be aware of. You can hide all these pretty easily.

Better Quick Settings Pane Customization

Quick Settings pane is one of the most useful features by Android since the starting and now it's well established part of Android Stock. Now in Android Nougat you can have more control over Quick Pane settings than ever.

android nougat features

Just use two finger for the quick pane drop down settings and tap on edit button. You can change the Tap and Delay timings for any icon and change positions of any icon and add or remove them from the drop down settings. The icon in the quick pane also shown at the top of the notification pane.

Emergency info direct on your lock screen

This features is given into iOS devices long time ago, and now it is included into Android Nougat devices too. The main idea behind this is, if someone picks your phone in an emergency, they know who to call even if they don't have access to your PIN.

android nougat features

How to set Emergency details
  • Go to System Settings
  • Navigate to Users menu
  • Ta on Emergency information
  • Fill the required details
  • You can set one or multiple contacts for Emergency info

The emergency info you just saved can easily be find out by someone just by tapping emergency under Lock screen PIN dialer.

Improved Data saving options

There are lots of options already available for data restrictions into Android devices running on lower Android versions, now with Android Nougat better data savings options are given in Data menu into System Settings.

android nougat features

It works similar as Doze do for Apps for power saving. You can set what apps will send and receive in background when your screen is turned off or set to data saving mode.

Hassle free smooth updates

android nougat features

This is the biggest change given into Android Nougat where Updates are automatically downloaded and installed in background. Google promised regular updates for Android 7.0 Nougat. Now you are not required to reboot your device while updating to another Android versions. This features is only available to latest Android Nougat devices, but According to Google using it older Nexus devices are also capable for faster update downloads.

Directly reply to notifications in Android Nougat

Before Android 7.0 there is option given to reply the message but you need to first tap on reply and then allowed to type message but in Android Nougat no additional ask for reply, you can directly reply to any message from notifications. Now reply now button wouldn't jump you into their apps.

android nougat features

To proper support for this feature, apps itself have this options installed. Google hangouts and SMS messenger app has already given support for this direct reply feature.

Many other emoji added 

android nougat features

Emoji adds extra value to your message, there are lots of other emoji added in the Android Nougat and now it reached more than 1500 in total. If you still stuck in the images, then its your fault. New added emoji include shark, bronze, silver and gold medals.

More control over Notifications in Android 7 Nougat

Notifications were never been of equal priority, some always stick to the top while others pushed to bottom, now your can change and prioritize the settings for the apps if you need to.

android nougat features

To set the priorities you first need to activate the hidden System UI tuner menu, for this tap and hold the Gear button given at the top of quick settings in the notification pane which was used to direct to System settings if not held for much time. The feature was also available in the Android Marshmallow , now it got improved and added power notification control options into Other menu.

By turning on the priority settings you can prioritize the notifications from 0 to 5, apps with priority 5 have permissions to access your whole screen, and with 0 priority even the notifications from that app are not allowed in the notification pane. The and hold the notification or change permissions from the app settings to set the priority. Choose A button rather let the apps choose their priority itself.


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