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6 very Important things you need to know before playing Pokémon Go

It's just few weeks passed and the whole world gone mad behind the Pokémon Go, you can see people running randomly here and there hunting for Pokémon with the main aim to grab 'em all. People an average spend more of their time on Pokémon Go rather any other games or apps.

Pokemon Go Official

So before downloading and installing Pokémon Go in your device, I think you need to look at these 6 suggestions that might help to keep your device secure.

1. Avoid Installing Unofficial version of Pokémon Go

You might already know this game is currently launched in few countries only and many third party app markets providing Pokémon Go in the countries where it is still didn't launched. Even many websites has tutorials and download links for Pokemon  Go apk, So I suggest you not to download this game from these non trusted sites and app markets.  Because these versions may contains viruses that may infect your device.

Avoid Installing Unofficial version of Pokémon Go

Suggestion :

 It's better to wait for the official release in your country unless you don't love your phone. In order to download Pokémon  Go from these untrusted sites you have to allow your device to install apps from unknown sources i.e. you need to change core settings of your Android device and doing so removes the shield protecting your devices from external vulnerabilities and exploits.

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2. Planned for Pokemon Go then forget about Privacy

If you ever played this game then you may already know, this game requires your GPS to be turned on and also requires Cellular connectivity, i.e. if someone able to gets into backbone of this app and he may trace your location. 

Planned for Pokemon Go then forget about Privacy

Suggestion :

For privacy concerns avoid playing this game at the places where you don't wanna get traced.
Ans this game also requires connection to your Google account, so don't use your personal Google account to log-in into Pokémon Go. You can either create a new Google account especially for this app as well as other apps that you may doubt harmful or you can use already made unused account.

3. Make sure you have updated version

While logging through Google account into the very first version of Pokémon Go, it required sensitive permissions like your personal information. But after further release the problem has been patched and only publicly available permissions were requested.

Make sure you have updated version

Suggestion : 

Make sure that your have updated version and try to update the app time to time if available, so that any can't misuse your account or steal your information. If you don't then download Pokemon Go from Play Store as soon as possible

4. Beware of fraud apps

 Google's Play Store is considered as the safest place in order to download any app but there are some Pokemon-themed apps available on the Google's Play store and those are doubted at malicious. If you ever download these malicious apps, they may leave your device unusable unless your either remove battery or reboot your device. And and restarting these apps manage to hide themselves and work as add clickers on pornography sites to generate revenue. And some of them may contain Ransomware virus that will lock down your device and you have to pay if you wanna get your device again in working state. These apps removed from the Play store but they might be some other apps that do the same.

 Beware of Pokemon themed fraud apps

Suggestion :

In order to download the original safe Pokémon Go app, I suggest you to download it from their official site Poké

5. Hunt the Pokemon Carefully

It's only few weeks and various accidents and deaths are reported of people who died while playing Pokémon Go. People got crazy if they found any Pokémon and careless too, they forget about their surroundings. Some countries like Italy banned this game.

Hunt the Pokemon Carefully

Suggestion :

Pokémon Go is virtual reality game, but you don't have to put lives of your and others into danger. So I suggest you not to play this game while Driving and walking into public or crowded area. While playing Pokémon Go be aware of your surroundings. Travel in well-lit public areas and avoid playing at nights.

6. Pokémon Go hacks, cheats, Bans and punishments

People are so much eager to evolve their Pokémon  and hunt for wild and rare Pokémon as soon as they can, so they try to use tricks like tying their device with the fan to grab the rare eggs and complete the distance with actually going to that place. Some people rooted their device to spoof their GPS. 

There are some bans and punishments set for the cheaters who use tricks and hacks for early treasure. If they caught you cheating then they will ban you for 5 hours or permanently ban for getting wild Pokémon . After that ban you would never be able to catch wild Pokémon .

Pokémon Go hacks, cheats, Bans and punishments

Suggestion :

Games are not meant to use tricks and hacks, if you ever use them then the real fun will be gone and if you caught cheating you might get banned. So play well and honestly.

My final words are if you really wanna enjoy any game then never use any cheats and hacks, instead i prefer not to play rather using any hacks. For device's safety download it from their official app and always look for surroundings to escape from the accidents. 


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