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7 popular Facebook tips and tricks you should know

Facebook is the most popular social networking website and almost Every internet user is familiar with the Facebook.It connects people around the Globe . People can Chat, Share Videos & movies and many more. People of all ages are addicted to these day. Billions of people are subscribers of it. Facebook tips and tricks are used to simplify your work.

Here I have submitted a list of Facebook tricks that you would like to try with your Facebook profile. These Facebook tips are evergreen and updated .All of these tricks are secure and tested with my personal profile.Latest Working Facebook Tricks which make your Facebook experience more interesting. 

1. Update blank Status :

Many times you updated Facebook statuses but whenever you tried to update blank status the error massage "your status appears to black ,please write something or add a link" appears on screen.
Enter @[3:3: ] in the status box and press Enter.

2. Post animated images(.gif) :

People upload(.jpg) photos to Facebook but whenever they tried to upload animated images ,Facebook says that this format is not supported . But many other Websites like Google+ allow users to upload all type of images including animated images.But you need not to worry. Facebook allows users to upload a link to their status box. 
  • There is a website Giphy , it has a collection of animated images.
  • Just select any image and copy that image link and
  • Paste on Facebook status box and click enter

3. Invite all friends to any fb page at Single click :

There are lot more pages on Facebook and you also liked some of them.Let if You have to invite your all friends to your page or your friend's page or any other page then what would you do ? Would you like to invite all by clicking on every invite button?
If you have very less friend then you may think but if you have hundreds or thousands of friends then you would never invite by clicking because this would consume so much time .
Dont worry my intentions are not to tense you . Lets simplify this process 
You have two choices either you install browser extension Facebook invite all (for chrome) or you should use java script code .
Steps to invite by using javascript code :
  • LogIn to your Facebook account and Open the Page for which you want to send invitations to your Friends.
  • Now Click on Invite friends Option and a pop up will appear.
  • Now simply press F12 key from your Keyboard and Chrome Console window will Open.
  • Copy the Javascript Code written below and paste it in the Console window and you are done !!
var  inputs =  document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++)  { inputs[i].click() ;  } 

4. Create Video with your Facebook pictures :

It is possible to create a video with your photos uploaded to Facebook 
You just have to Visit login with your Facebook account.

5. Find Who Unfriend You on Facebook :

Generally Fb does notify us when someone aceept our friend request but it never notify or inform us that who unfriend us and when.
 But not it is possible to get notified when someone adds us and remove us.
 You just have to visit and login with your facebook account.

6. Post Status in Multiple Group at once :

When you want to share your status in multiple groups ,posting individually in every group is a difficuilt task.
 But Don't Worry ,we are help to help you .
You have to just Go to Multi Post Application and Login with your Facebook account.

7. Accept all friend request at once :

Some times we recieve many friend request from our colleagues , neighbours, family members or from unknown people and we want to add all of them.
But you might again it's a time consuming task ,not at all it is very simple.
Just follow the steps to accept all friend request at once : 
  • LogIn to your Facebook account and Open the Friend Requests Page .
  • Now simply press F12 key from your Keyboard and Console window will Open.Copy the Javascript Code written below and paste it in the Console window and you are done !!

for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”).length;i++){document.getElementsByName(“actions[accept]”)[i].click();}void(0); 
  • and press enter 

Summery :

Every Website has some loop wholes that causes them to insecure or hack able and Facebook is one of them . Facebook provide very less security to its users .There are various methods to hack your fb account and that might can access your private data and photos or chats . So be secure . But all these tricks are secure and does not harm your profile these are just to help you and save your valuable time.


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