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9 Totally Free things on Internet You should take Advantage of

You might be unaware about the power of internet, you can get almost everything here which you thinking of, you can virtually go to your favorite places around the world or even in the universe, you can watch thousands of free movies and documentaries and much more. So today I have posted about 10 totally free things available on the Internet, that you should take advantage of and they will play vital role and very helpful for saving your money. So its time to put your wallet away and advantage the unlimited power of Internet.

9 Totally Free things on Internet
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One of the bigest advantage of Internet is that we can get information at no time by spending  less or nothing. We all know about free Google mail (Gmail), free reference engines (Google, Bing), Q&A sites (Quora, Stack Overflow) and free unlimited Videos (YouTube, DailyMotion ) and there countless other things that Internet provides for Free. You might be already using few things given in the list below, but don't spoil the interest. So let's start with the first thing:

Free E-books and Audio & Video lectures

You might borrowed physical books from Libraries several times in your childhood days, but think upon it, if you got Smartphone or PC then you never had to borrow these heavy physical books. There are lots of websites sitting on the Internet provides you a large college of legit E-Books from authorized authors. Gutenberg provides you tons of public domain books, which can be read online or downloaded in any suitable format. Your local library has limited book sets, so you can't get everything there, but on Gutenberg you will find E-books from prior to 1920 classics to Modern world books.

9 Totally Free things on Internet

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You might be aware to Podcasts available into almost every popular sites, but there are thousands of Audio-books as well on your finger tips. Gutenberg has few audio-books on there site, but you can find any Audio-book at LibreVox for free. There are hundreds of Volunteer at LibreVox, to narrate so it may be a mixed bag, but the quality of Audio-books is solid.

Free College Courses

If you somehow didn't managed to complete the College, you can still fill your brain with the College-Level knowledge online. Many universities and schools like MIT, Yale, Harvard etc. are offering lots of course materials with Video lectures and text notes for free. And the best part is, neither you have to pay or you don't have to go anywhere to learn those courses. Some sites like Coursera, Academic Earth partner with many universities provide full resources for any course.

9 Totally Free things on Internet

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Free Coupons

There are lots of sites and blogs offering free coupons for many popular sites. So a simple google search before buying anything from Internet can save much of your money. Just search about the product you are going to buy and append "discounts", "Coupons" into your query. It might be a Facebook post or blogs or may be sites like RetailMeNot, CouponSherpa. Even there are some sites, there you can compare price of your product given at several E-commerce sites. For next level buyers check PriceZombie.

9 Totally Free things on Internet

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A free Butler

There are plenty of ways to use Internet as free butler. Tools offered by IFTTT (IF This Then That) can be used in many ways and save most of your time. These tools don't have any limit, their use is up to you. You can connect your social accounts, email accounts and other productivity accounts to these tools. You can create recipes (scripts) using which you can automate your work and save your time. If you are huge twitter nerd, then you can make recipes, using which all of your tweets automatically added to a spreadsheet. There are also recipes available using which all your photos automatically uploaded to Google Drive.

Learn Foreign Languages

.You can't learn any foreign languages simply by speaking with others, or it would take many years. Give a shoot to free services available on the web. Duolingo is one of the popular sites used to learn foreign languages for free. It will help you learning any foreign language or polishing any languages you didn't used after school. You can make good foundation using these sites and then watching news videos and movies will further sharpen your skill for that language.

9 Totally Free things on Internet

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Free Unlimited Music, Videos & Movies

There are lots of apps available for your Smartphones and Sites for your PC, where you can listen any of your favorite song. Few popular apps and sites are Spotify, Ganna, Saavan etc. hosts millions of music tracks in the public domain. also offers great range for Videos and Movies including Classic collection. You can find lots of great free on YouTube.

9 Totally Free things on Internet

Free Productivity Tools

However there are few services are paid like tools by Adobe but there are many open source software like Gimp which does that same thing for free. Gimp is an open source tools which can be used to edit into any Pic just like Adobe Photoshop does. There are various other open source tools available for Mac and Windows platform for free. LibreOffice and OpenOffice are great free alternative to Windows Office.

Tax Calculators and Managers

You might don't want to pay extra money for filling your taxes. Some websites on Internet like IRS , offers various free Tax tools. You your income is under $62,000 then you are eligible to use every tools on IRS for free, even if your income is more you can still have access to File Fillable tools for free.

Free Storage on Cloud Servers

Big companies like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive offers free cloud storage to put your important files on their cloud storage for free soo that you can access them from anywhere. Dropbox offers 2 GB free storage, Google Drive offers 15 GB storage and One drive also offers 15 GB free storage for each account. Some other sites like Box and Copy also offers free storage of 15 GB. You can get additional storage on Dropbox just by completing few given steps like attaching iPhone to your Dropbox account or downloading their app etc.

9 Totally Free things on Internet

So these were 9 totally free things on the Internet. Hope you are taking advantage of these free stuff and saving your money. There are tons of other free things on Internet, but we will discuss them later. Don't forget to comment and share, thanks.


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