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Collect hundreds of Pokemon daily | Spoof your location using Fake GPS for Android

Pokemon Go has became the top played game of 2016 within few weeks of its launch. It was partially launched only in USA, Australia & New Zealand and after its huge success, Pokemon GO has been launched in some other countries. It got millions of downloads within 2 months. People living in the country where Pokemon Go hasn't launched yet, are so much excited to play Pokemon Go that many of them downloaded Pokemon GO using Proxies or modded versions from the Web.

Pokemon GO Fake GPS app for Android

Pokemon Go is a location based game where you need to walk here and there in a hunt for the Pokemon. But people living in wild or backward areas are complaining about not having Poke-stops and Gyms into their nearby areas, they need to go to big cities or popular places in order to fight with the Gym members and to collect bonus from the Poke-stops. And there is another problem while playing Pokemon GO and that is you need to walk several kilometers actively to hunt wild and rare Pokemon and there are several accidents reported around the world while playing Pokemon GO. So for being safe and to make it easier I have a better solution.

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So to get rid of these problems many people using Pokemon Go tricks, cheats and hacks to avoid walking in the open and enjoying Pokemon hunting laying on the bed. Some people are so adventurous that, they hang their mobile with the Fan to cover walking required to hatch the Poke-Eggs. But here I have a simple method which don't requires these adventurous and risky actions to perform with your Android device.

Pokemon GO Fake GPS app for Android

Many people using Fake GPS apps for Android devices to spoof their locations and using this trick you would be able to go anywhere in the world without physically going there. Fake GPS app for Android requires your device in developer mode with mock locations enabled, so that they can edit the location information of any device to spoof the Pokemon Go app. With the help of Fake GPS apps for Android, you can hatch your Poke-Eggs to get new Pokemon without walking for it and you can move around the world to battle with popular Gym member, more Pokemon you catch more candies you will get for that Pokemon that will help in evolving and powering up your Pokemon.

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So lets' start about how to catch hundreds of Pokemon daily without getting ban in Pokemon GO by spoofing location using fake GPS apps for Android. You can use any fake GPS app given on Play store or on  the web. There are so many apps available on the Google Play Store that can fake your GPS location almost for every apps including Google Maps and many other apps that require your GPS location

Steps for Spoofing your GPS location using Fake GPS app

You are not required to be a developer or any deep knowledge of programming doesn't required, all you need is just knowing about how to operate an Android device and even an illiterate person can operate an Android due to its great user interface.

1. Download Fake GPS app for Android from Web

  • First we need to install Fake GPS app for Android device, just go to Play Store and search for Fake GPS, you are not required to install any GPS app specifically developed for Pokemon GO, any app can work using this method.
  • You can even install any modded Fake GPS app from the web which doesn't even require mock locations for working.
  • Choose that one which has huge downloads and many functionality given including proper user interface, some Fake GPS apps on Play Store like Fake Location, they doesn't support location names for them you need to remind co-ordinates which is very tough so you are suggested not to download them, some popular location spoofing apps are :
  1.  Fake GPS location by Lexa
  2. Fake GPS by ByteRev 
  3. Fake GPS location Spoofer free by IncorporateApps (full of ads, paid version is available for $3)

2. Enable Mock Locations under Developers option menu

  • Almost every fake GPS location spoofing apps requires mock locations of Android to be enabled ford working otherwise you can't set fake locations and you would have left only option to play it honestly and that's very tough.
  • To enable mock locations go to settings and then Developers option, if there is no developers option given then navigate to About Phone and tan on Kernel Version many time until a toast message regarding Developers option enabled doesn't appear on your screen.
  • Now navigate for Developers option and enable it and enable Allow mock location too.

3. Check proper location determination set or not

Pokemon GO is designed in a way that is doesn't loose any chance to determine your actual location. So you need to be carefully On the required things and some options have to be turned off and they are:
  • You need to go to location option given under Privacy Menu
  • Now Off wi-fi or cellular positioning  
  • Make sure that your device location can only be determined by your GPS signals, any other method should n't be available, otherwise Pokemon Go might detect your location and either Soft Ban or Permanently Ban your account.
  • Don't forget to turn on your GPS 

4. Set fake location using Fake GPS app you previously downloaded 

  •  Now its time to go to any where we wish to go, open the fake location app which you had previously downloaded, search for the location and tap on start Fake GPS.
  • You are suggested to go to the places where you can catch lots of Pokemon, I caught more than 200 Pokemon at Eiffel Tower in Paris only. Wherever you go using Fake GPS don't forget to land in parks.
  • Parks are the best places to catch many Pokemon and if there are Poke-stops in the park then you may get chance to catch rare and higher CP/HP Pokemon.
  • You can go to Circular Quay (Australia), Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) etc. For more you locations you can go to BEST PLACES TO CATCH POKEMON IN THE WORLD

5. Turn off Mock location

  • Pokemon Go is designed to restrict spoofing of location so if you keep your Allow Mock Location option turn On then it easily detect that you spoofed your location and suddenly ban your account.
  • So after you set your location using Fake GPS location spoofing app, you need to turn off Allow mock Location which you previously enabled, given under Developers Option.

6. Open Pokemon Go
  • After setting fake location and disabling Mock location option, run Pokemon GO and Login Using your registered account or create new account ans start playing it

Things to remember while using Fake GPS app for Pokemon GO

 Pokemon GO is developed using a pretty smart way and it doesn't loose any chance to ban you if it detects you are spoofing your location, so you need to be very careful and remember these things while playing

  • Fake GPS apps can only spoof your locations given by your GPS, they can't spoof your locations given by your wi-fi or your ISP so turn off every way of determining your location except the GPS. There are some apps available on the Play store guaranteeing that they can even spoof your network locations or locations given by your wi-fi but their proper working is doubted so its better to be at safe side rather depending on these vulnerable apps.
  • You need to enable Allow Mock Location option each time before changing your location.
  • You need to disable Allow Mock Location option each time after changing your location by location spoofing apps.
  • You are strictly suggested not to open Pokemon GO while Allow mock Location option is turned on, if you do so, the game will show location cannot be detected error message and within few minutes you may get banned.
  • To check location spoofing is working correctly you can check through Google Maps or any other GPS based Mapping apps, check on Google Maps after setting fake location and after disabling mock location option.
  • While using Pokemon Go with these Fake GPS apps you are required to have faster data network than generally required so that it fake GPS app always got conneted to your location update and sent fake location signals to Pokemon Go. Sometime while on slower net Pokemon GO can show GPS signal not Found message, its just a message so don't panic and don't try to change your location many times while getting this error message.
  • whenever you select any initial location, try to stay near to that location and don't try to cross the initial country or initial city at once, it is the most popular reason behind the permanent ban.
  • try to stay at the selected location as much time you can, or change your fake location slowly slowly.
  • Fully Zoom In Map of your selected location inside your Fake GPS app so that whenever you change your location you stay inside near to the area you choose initially.
check Ban in Pokemon GO and get rid of it

How Do we know about ban and get rid of Ban in Pokemon GO

I got banned several times but I din't received even a single message about banning, after ban whenever you try to catch any Pokemon, it will always break through your Poke-ball and automatically transform to smoke and then disappears. And then you would not be able to catch even a low CP Pokemon. Some of my friend told that if this ever happen to them they reinstall Pokemon GO and their ban got removed automatically, I never tried it but it might work.

So it was all about spoofing your GPS based location using Fake GPS apps for Android, I hope you enjoyed this topic and enjoy playing Pokemon GO, if you have any problem comment down, I would like to listen your reviews about this article.


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