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Download Whatsapp for Windows PC and Mac through Whatsapp Web or any Emulator

Hello Folks! Today I’m gonna ask you one simple question, what type of Smartphone do you have?? Whatever Smartphone you have I bet, you must have Whatsapp Messenger in your device and you surely would be using its free services. You may sometime wonder if you could be able to download Whatsapp Messenger on PC or laptop too. It’s been only less than 3 years and Whatsapp already crossed 700 Millions users across the globe. Whatsapp gained popularity just after its launch due to its fantastic features and its number of users grown rapidly after Whatsapp got acquired by Facebook.

Download Whatsapp for Windows PC and Mac

Many people demanding the PC version for Whatsapp and finally they launched Whatsapp for PC version on January 21st of 2015, but the problem is you need to access it through any web browsers. As you know Whatsapp is the #1 social messaging app with lots of features, and now it got integrated into our daily life. I don’t think there might be any app that has capability to get compared with Whatapp and that’s the reason people gone mad before Facebook launched Whatsapp for PC .

It is available for almost all the types of mobile Platforms including Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Smartphone devices and Nokia S series. There are two methods of using Whatsapp on your PC and Mac, first you can use the Whatsapp web features and can access Whatsapp Web through your Pc’s web browser and second method is to use Whatsapp apk through Android emulators like Bluestacks, Andy Android, YouWave emulator etc. See Also : iMessage for PC

Before proceeding further first I wanna introduce what actually Whatsapp is, so let’s take a look at some basic intro and features of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp at a Glance

Here I am assuming you love Whatsapp and its features, actually its improbable I know you surely like it. As I told approximately more than 700 million people already using the Whatapp on their devices and its sooner going to get into 1 billion list. You might thinking Facebook and other social media are more popular than Whatsapp, let me clear one thing it took almost 12 years to get a tag of moderately important/essential website. It works smoothly on any kind of Smartphone platforms and it’s the easiest to use comparing to any other messenger. New features are rolling out like Whatsapp Call after facebook acquired Whatsapp. There are lots more chances to have Whatsapp in any other’s device rather another messenger so you can make Whatsapp call to them and the best thing is you don’t have to pay a single penny for that call, all you just need is internet data in your device.

Features of Whatsapp

There are lots of features given into this app but here some important features are listed that made Whatsapp at the top of the social media.

No Ads for Lifetime

Whatsapp never showed any kind of advertisements that made it, a legitimate messenger.

Free for lifetime

Before getting acquired, Whatsapp charged you $1 annually after the free period of 1 year but now it’s free for lifetime.

Available for multiple platforms

Whatsapp is available for almost every kind of platforms built for Smartphone devices

Easy to use

Whatsapp is designed in such a way that even an illiterate person can use it without asking for help to anyone. It owns very simple interface covering all the features that any hi-tech app can.

No need to remember Passwords

Any account on Whatsapp is created using mobile number, it does not ask for any kind of password for signing into it. All you just need is to have access to the registered mobile number.

Works fine on slow networks

Whatsapp is designed especially to work smoother on slow internet connections, you can even chat to anyone without any trouble even if you are on 2G network until you send simple messages and images or audio clips. For heavy videos you might need to use 3G.

Backup the chat to your E-mail

You can send the full conversation to E-mail address of anyone with few taps. All you just need is an e-mail address and your chat would be mailed within few seconds.

Send multiple types of files

In addition to chatting through text messages, you can even send audio clips, images, videos, links, contact cards and locations etc.


There are privacy features are also given like
You can block someone and then he/she would be not longer able to contact you until you unblock them
You can even set who can see your profile picture, online statues and status message


No one can get into your WHatsapp account until he doesn’t have access to your registered mobile number.
A new feature called End-to-End Encryption recently added to Whatsapp, now no one other sender and receiver can able to read your messages

Check online status

You can check the online status of any person until he/she doesn’t using privacy options. You can even check when he/she was last time online.


You don’t need to add people manually into your whatsapp account, if you have people added in your device’s contact list and they also have whatsapp account then they will be automatically added to your Contact list of your Whatsapp account. You can get how much people in your contact list are not on whatsapp and you can easily invite them using Invite button.

Notification at Lock screen

If your device connected to internet then whatsapp automatically notifies you when someone call you or message you by sending notifications on your device’s lock screen. There is also option to disable notifications for privacy concerns.

Change background image

While conversation to others on Whatsapp there is an image shown in the background. While image is shown by default but you have option to change the image to your choice.

Download Whatsapp for Windows PC

The procedure to download Whatsapp for Windows based PC is same for every version like Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. You can use any of two methods to access your Whatsapp on your Windows PC.

Using an Android Emulator

Emulators are the software tools that provide an environment to run applications that are not supported by your current operating system. There are lots of Android emulators available on the Internet some are free and some are paid. I suggest you to use free versions they works fine without any trouble.
After installing Android Emulator you need apk file for Whatsapp, you can download the Whatsapp apk any of from App market, make sure you downloaded the updated version so get benefit of all the features.
If you have done with downloading then install the apk file using APK HANDLER tool
And now you have done, just sign-in to your account and enjoy free calls and messages.

Download Whatsapp for Mac

The steps for downing and using Whatsapp for Mac are similar to the steps for Windows PC.

Whatsapp through Web browsers like UC Browser, Safari, Chrome or Firefox

Whatsapp Web is introduced recently so it doesn’t have many features and enough for simple chats. It requires your Smartphone and PC/Mac should have internet connectivity while chatting.

Steps for using Whapsapp web on Web Browsers for Windows PC

  • Go to in web browser of your PC and a QR code would appear on screen
  • Go to Whatsapp settings of your device and choose Whatsapp web
  • Scan the QR code on system with your mobile and after some seconds your PC sync all your Whatsapp data stored in your device

Steps for using Whatsapp web on Web Browsers for Mac

Thing are little bit difficult in Mac, you might know Apple is well known for their security. 
  • So you can’t download things from unknown developers. You first need to download and install “WhatsMac” in your Mac, which can be downloaded from this link of Github’s Page
  • Download and unzip the contents and move all the unzipped files to application folder. Allow contents to download from unknown developers. 
  • Run WhatsMac and QR code would appear scan that QR code from your device and after all that you have done and now you can use Whatsapp on Your Mac’s Web Browser.

Whatsapp alternatives

Google’s Play store is filled up with lots of social media apps like Kik, Viber, Skype, Telegram etc. They are also popular but only after Whatsapp. All these are available for  almost all platforms built for Smartphone devices and Tablets.

In the last I just wanna say Whatsapp is an easy and free way to chat with others and now you can have Whatsapp for PC, so enjoy using Whatsapp. 


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