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Free download Viber for WIndows PC, Mac &Llinux and enjoy free unlimited worldwide calling

Hello folks, today we are gonna talk about Viber, you might have used Viber many times before
but after reading this post i'm sure you gonna use is more than before. And today I'm gonna share how to download Viber for PC and Mac platforms. There are lots of social messaging apps available on the Google's play store and many other app markets. Many of them are free for lifetime but some costs after their free trials. But free versions sucks, they irritate with ads and poor quality interface and services but it's different when it comes to Viber so let's start with small introduction to Viber.

free download viber for PC mac and linux

Viber is one of the oldest, popular and widely used social messaging apps, used to send messages and free audio and video calls among other Viber users across the world. It is best known for its simplicity, you just need to enter your mobile number and the world of unlimited free calling is with you. You can download Viber for Android devices from Google's Play Store and for iOS devices it can be downloaded from App Store and for Windows Mobile platform visit Windows Store. There are two methods available to download Viber in PC, Linux & Mac and you can use any of them both works fine.

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Before moving directly to the method for downloading, I did like to list out some important features of Viber given below.

Features of Viber for PC and Smartphones

  • You already knew the main feature of VIber i.e. it is used to make free calls to anyone across the world, the only thing the caller and receiver need is the Viber installed into their devices and having internet access.
  • Viber uses VoIP to make calls so calls through Viber can be made to people having different network operators to the caller.
  • Some other apps provide free calling feature but they failed when it comes to clear voice and latency. Viber provides good voice quality over slow network connections with very little voice latency. It played main role behind the success of Viber
  • With free calls, you can send stickers, text and video messages.
  • You can easily synchronize between other devices.
  • Ongoing calls can be transferred to another device.
  • You just need a contact number, a name and a status to getting started with Viber.

Requirements for Installing Viber for PC

  • You just need to have internet connectivity in your PC/Mac and make sure your system have RAM size more than 256 MB, 4GB or more would be best.

Download Viber for PC(Windows/Mac) using Bluestacks

Android emulators are well known for running Android apps on Windows PC and OSX OS. Bluestacks and Andy are famous among them and the best thing is they are freely available on internet and their official website. Here we are using Bluestacks emulator for using Viber in PC and Mac systems.

  • First of all you need to have Bluestacks installed into your PC/Mac, you can download it using this link- download Bluestacks.
  • After downloading Bluestacks install it properly, you can use automatic configuration or manually configure the emulator.
  • Now open Bluestacks and login to Bluestacks account or register a new account.
  • Visit Google's play store and search for Viber.
  • Download Viber and install it.
  • Register for new account on Viber and start making free calls worldwide.

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Downlaod official Viber app for Windows PC-Mac-Linux

Official version of Viber for Windows and other desktop platforms is also available, follow the steps to download official version :
  • visit Viber's official website 
  • Choose your platform if given among the list
  • download it and install properly
  • Register using your contact number and start talking with your friends and family world wide.

In the last I wanna say there are too many apps available for the same features given by Viber and Viber is the alternative to all the apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, Hike etc. You might be using any of them, but you can also use Viber for a change, i bet you wouldn't be discouraged. 


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