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How to easily Check Your Android device is Rooted or not

How we get to Know if our Android is Rooted or not ? It seems like a common question people ask to techno geeks. As rooting doesn't make flashing indications or it doesn't add extra features which can be recognized easily if you are not familiar to rooting, then how we could be able to find about rooting into our Android Smartphones and Tablets. There is no clear indication which can be used to declare rooting of our devices.

Android Root Checker App

In this modern world technology got evolved to higher levels and there are so many app, which offers one tap rooting and takes only few minutes for rooting your Android. So if you gave your deice to your kids, family, friends or your colleagues, and if they rooted your Android device to run some hacks or fancy apps, then how did you get to know about it.
In Android system many features are restricted and hidden, which you are not allowed to use. You are not even a superuser of your Android device unless you root your device. So people root their Android device to become a super user and advantage all the features they got into their Android Smartphone and Tablets. Rooting have several Advantages and Disadvantages too. Let's see the method to check for rooting in android.

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Using Android Root Checker app

If your Android device is running on Android 4.0 or more then you can easily check your device is rooted or not using Root checker app. There are lots of root checking apps available on the play store, but some of them might be vulnerable to godless which can root your device secretly. So you need to be very careful while choosing the correct Root Checking app.

Android Root Checker App

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Steps to install Android Root checker App

  1. Open the Play Store App, if you are using Play store app for the first time then you are required to connect it to your google account unless you already added your account in your device
  2. Search for Root Checker over there
  3. A list of apps will be displayed you need to choose the app with a tick sign on a hash symbol on logo of that app, or use this link - Root Checker app
  4. Hit on that app and tap on install
  5. Upon download, open the app and tap on Agree
  6. Now tap on Check Root and then result would be displayed
Android Root Checker App

Note if the app displays Root files are not properly installed , it means some malicious app tried to root your device but didn't succeed. Otherwise it display Congratulations your device has root access in green letters or No root permission in red letters.

There  are few tutorials & guides given about How to root your Android inside the app, so you could learn procedure for rooting your devices.

So this was all about How to check rooting in an Android device, I hope you enjoyed don't forget to comment and share, let us know if you got any trouble. Thanks to WikiHow


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