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How to hide apps in Android Smartphone and Tablet

Android has given so many features that were restricted into many other platforms and that's one of the popular reason behind the success of Android. People using Android devices are free to download apps from any store on web, they are allowed to access the their file explorer and change their default launcher. There are also some hidden features given into Android devices which can't be seen normally. Here another important features is also given using which you are allowed to hide any app installed into your Android Smartphone or Tablet.

How to hide apps in Android

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You can hide important apps which you don't want to seen by any other prying eyes or these apps may be extra builtin system apps which are of no use for you. You can put a password to access the hidden apps, so no one can access you hidden apps unless they know the password, this adds an extra security to your private apps having confidential files of your.

Check builtin support for hiding apps in Android

How to hide apps in Android
Android is open source so this feature of hiding apps may be built in or you need to install third party launcher app to hide your apps. To hide apps first you need to check whether your device has built in support for this or not. So manufactures has given this features into their default launcher app so you don't need to install third party apps for this. Samsung Galaxy devices running on lower version of Android have given this feature to hide apps under their app drawer menu. But on higher versions this feature got removed so you need to download external launcher for this in higher versions of Android for Samsung Galaxy devices.

Steps to hide apps for devices with builtin support for hiding apps

  • Tap on the App drawer menu using the Physical button or Menu symbol given at the top right on the screen
  • Tap on Hide Apps
  • After that you would be able to choose apps, tap on the apps which you want to hide
  • And then tap on Done

Download launcher having support for hiding apps

If your device doesn't have built in support then you need to download any launcher with this capability. There are so many launcher available freely on the play store all you just need to check whether the launcher have support for hiding apps or not, if yes then download it.

Some popular launcher with this features are given as:
Steps to Download launcher from Play Store
  • Tap on any above link and you will be redirect to the play store
  • Tap on Install
  • After installation, press the home button
  • You will be asked to choose which launcher to choose i.e. from the default and launcher which you been installed
  • Tap on the launcher which you previously installed and tap on Always, don't worry you can change it further if you don't like it
  • Now hide the apps, the procedure for hiding varies from launcher to launcher

How to hide apps in Android

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Steps to hide apps using launcher
  • If you are using Apex launcher, open the Apex settings and tap on Drawer settings, navigate to Hidden apps and then select apps which you need to hide
  • For Nova Launcher, open Nova Settings and hit App and Widget Drawers, navigate to the Drawer Groups and tap on Hide apps, select the apps which you need to hide.
  • For ADW launcher, tap on App drawer and Menu button(⋮) and navigate to Setup Group and check apps which you want to show, otherwise uncheck them to hide
  • For GO launcher tap on App Drawer and navigate to Menu Button at bottom right corner, tap on Hide apps, here you can set a pattern required to show hidden apps, check the apps to hide and then tap on OK

Till now we learnt how to hide installed apps but currently we don't know how to hide system apps, that came built in with your device. but unfortunately there is no option available to hide builtin apps but you can disable the unused apps. There are only few apps we use that came along with our Android devices, so this option might be useful for you.

How to hide apps in Android

Steps to hide/disable builtin apps
It doesn't require any launcher, you can simply do it by visiting system settings.
  • Tap on Settings 
  •  Scroll down and navigate to Application Manager
  • Then list of total apps, installed apps and running apps will be displayed, swipe for All Apps
  • Choose any builtin system app which you need to disable, this method works only for builtin system apps, so don't use this for externally installed apps
  • Tap on Disable button, you wouldn't be able to use this app further until you enable that app
Whenever you disable any system app it automatically positioned to last of the list, so while finding the disabled apps go to the last of the list in the All Apps section.

So this was all about Hiding System and externally installed apps using built in feature or the launcher. If you have any trouble while using this method please let us know, we will be happy to help you. Don't forget to comment and share.


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