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New features added in Clash of Clans October Update

Today its the celebration day for all clash of clans players, the most awaited update of Clash of Clans is now live. People were more than ready for this all time best featured October  update. If you heard about COC game and played it ever, you might know how everyone should be feeling right now after coc october update. With the update lots of features are added and in-app purchase rates also slashed to 25 percent.

clans of clans latest update

Supercell team confirmed that they worked very hard into something for this update and now its been rolled out for all players. Although this update was expected to be rolled out in September but due to some reasons it got fizzled out and got live today on 13th of October.

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COC update Schedule

2 days before, a COC player asked about the release date for their update in their official COC forum, and a top participant directly answered that query and said the update will be released in couple of days. Many players gasped about their release before 14th and they actually done with their update before October 14th and polished minor details into their regular maintenance period, 10-12 hours after October Update. Lets see what's new added into Clash of Clans and what changes made into it. Every major aspect got covered into this update from building armies to new defense

In this article I'll be going to cover every aspect that you should need to know about Clash of clans' latest update. In effort to making the Gameplay more enjoyable COC developers addressed everything from defending against massive bowler attacks to lazy troops training process. One thing is sure that Clash of Clans is one of the most beautiful game and developer at Supercell always makes amazing steps to make it more awesome.

October Discount packs for Clash of Clans

So the latest update is rolled out with impressive special 4x discount offer. Actually there are multiple discount packs based on the Town Hall level.

  • For TH 6 player, 2 million Gold and 2 Million elixir with 500 gems for just $4.99 and 2500 Gems with a free builder for just $19.99
  • For TH 7 player, 3 million Gold, 30 thousand Dark elixir and 500 gems for just $4.99
  • For players with TH above than level 7, 4 million gold with level 2 bomb tower and 1200 free gems for just $9.99
Remember this offers is only available for 3 days and later on all in-app purchases will be available on normal rates, so hurry up and get your best offer.

Retrain Army in COC

With the special discounts, a new feature named Retrain Army added, it's the real one which all the players ever wanted. Retrain Army allows you to train Troops having double capacity of your actual Army camp size i.e. if you have troops capacity of 200 then it allows you to train 400 troops.

Whenever I play Clash of Clans, I always worry about my treasure and this update take off all my worries coz when i train double capacity troops, much of my treasure got saved in form of troops. Lets say I have 5M elixirs and my troops take 2M in training with the double capacity upgrade now it will take 4M in training it means my 2M got saved in form of troops and if I need my 2M elixer back then I just have to remove extra troops from the Barracks.

One thing is not clear here that it doesn't make sense like if you have 4 maxed barracks or 1 maxed barrack they work same I am trying to say is now maxing of barracks here is of no use from now, just upgrade your one barrack and keep others as they are no need to upgrade every barracks.

There is another feature also added using which you can select 3 Army sets and one army set can be trained with just single tap. Like for treasure loot attack you want to train Archers, Goblins and Hogs and for Tropthy attacks you want to train Dragons, Pekka, Hogs and Giants, Wizards and Archors etc.
just add them to your Army set and train them with just single tap.

New Defense added : bomb Tower

You might heard about Clash Royale, another hit game from Supercell, new defence were introduced there and bomb tower is also there which takes down the ground enemies. In Clash of Clans its working is similar and it works only on ground troops like hogs riders , wizards, giants etc. Its is available at TH 8 and upgradable to level 5. See Bomb Tower in action in this video.

Upgrade for Town Hall 11 villages

Players at Town Hall 11 are most beneficial to this update especially maxed player who had nothing to upgrade till yesterday but now with the new update they got much to upgrade to next level. Troops and defense added for next level are :

  • Baby Dragon [ level 5 Max] [ level 4 max for TH 10]
  • Dragon [Level 6 Max]
  • X-Box [Level 5 Max]
  • Hidden Tesla [Level 9 Max]
  • Mortar [Level 10 max]
  • 25 Extra walls [For covering Bomb Tower]

If you reached to higher levels in Clash of Clans then you might be familiar with power of X-bow and now with 1 level upgrade it got more powerful and made it very difficult to get 100% in attacks.

clans of clans new update

Upgrade for Town Hall 10 villages

With the upgrade to one level further, now TH 10 players got more stuff to upgrade especially the Baby Drag from Level 3 to 4 at Town Hall 10.

  • Wizard [Level 7 Max]
  • Baby Dragon [Level 4 Max]
  • Bomb Tower

Bowler Nerf

COC developers noticed easy 3 star attacks with bowlers and 3-4 healers. Bowlers are the most powerful troop with more defensive hit-points but now with the upgrade of Defense levels, bowlers are no longer stronger as they were previously.

With new Clash of Clans update Bowlers will die faster and they got their hitpoints reduced making less effective attacks and addition of bomb tower they hit lazy bowlers like a wizard tower does. This update will surely reduce the bowlers only attacks.

clans of clans october update

Update for Spells

The Clone Spell now have longer lifetime to improve its value among other spells and to make it more helping for attackers.
You might haven't used Dark Elixir Skeleton spell many time if you have but with this updrage now you will love to attack with this Dark Elixir Skeleton Spell. Now it spawns more Skeletons 26 in total, a perfect distraction for Troops inside Clan Castle.

Slashed Training time

This update is applicable for every players no matter on what level their Town Halls are. Many troops like wizards, Dragons, Pekka, balloons etc. took plenty of time while training before the update but now their training time slashed to great percentage. Brewing troops faster encourage faster attacks and upgrades to further levels.

latest clans of clans update

Discounts while Upgrading Troops, Defenses and Treasure producers

With this new update Supercell made the upgrades more faster and cheaper. Now upgrading defences like Canons and Archer Tower wouldn't take much time and could easily be upgradable at lesser cost.

Balancing Clan Wars

Many players afraid on attacking at higher level villages and attack to villages at lower levels resulting deduction into their win bonus, but now on you are free to attack at any village without worrying about bonus deduction. From now no bonus will be deduced and in fact you will be awarded a participation bonus even in you lose any attack. This will surely increase engagements in clan wars and attacking at higher level will be awarded with more Clan XP

Friendly Clan Wars

The last announcement was about friendly clan battles just like the real one with now deduction into our treasury or trophies. Anyonce can start friendly battle with the choice for date and time and the army for both side.

How much you liked this Clash of Clans new update, show your excitements in the comments below.


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