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Popular Payment options available while shopping Online

Shopping is something which has always had an impact in our societies. Before the advancement of devices & equipment, human beings had to go, or I better say, travel to shops located even in faraway places. But as time passed by, & the rapid rise in the development & advancement of the gadgets used by us, everything around us changed.
Welcome to the era of the Online Shopping. Where the shoppers shop from anywhere in the world, on their PCs, laptops or phones. What happens in Online Shopping is that the buyer signs up or logs in to the sites or pages of different Online Shopping sites. Click Here and you can also shop on and Get Offers on Purchases.
Popular Payment options available while shopping Online

A numerous items or products are displayed on the screens of your device(s). The buyer chooses a particular product, views it through different angles (the company offers different angle views of the products) & then adds it to his or her cart.

Now the final process, payment! After filling up the address of delivery, the sites offer some few options for purchase of the product.

Here are the options of payment for Online Shopping

Credit & Debit Card
A very important method of payment. Not only online, but this type of payment is used frequently in the real world too. The main reason is, it is much safer, as it makes a straight deal between the merchant & the customer, under the supervision of the bank (of the customer). It’s very easier to carry as well & also is safe from thefts too.

 Internet Banking/e-Banking
Another method of payment which is again, under the supervision of the bank is the Internet Banking, also known as the e-Banking. In this option, the customer use the bank’s website to complete the transaction process.

Cash On Delivery
The most common method of payment by the shoppers or the customers, when shopping online. Admit it or not, there is always a trust issue between the customers & the online shopping website regarding the quality of products, also the question of a faster delivery exists. In this method of payment, the customer will be delivered with the ordered item, which he will have to pay at the time he receives the delivered item at his mentioned address (sometimes, the online shopping company charges with some other extra amount of money for the delivery). This is the main reason the cash on delivery is the most convenient way to make payments, according to the customers.

 EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment)
 The Equated Monthly Investment or the commonly known EMI, is yet another option that the online shopping websites offer to its customers. It’s more likely a loan that the company itself offers in case the buyer is unable to buy his desired product due to lack of money.
The company does gets a sum of interest in return from the buyer’s account directly because the company is the money-lender to the customer & at the time of lending the amount of money, the lender fixes an amount which is slightly more than the amount required for the purchase of the amount, because the money lender has the discretion of doing that.
The amount is divided into smaller amounts, which is to be transacted from the customer’s account every time on the fixed period of time, unless the loan is cleared.

No doubt, the new era of online shopping did a lot of help for the shoppers worldwide. As the time required to shop can be utilized elsewhere. This is indeed a boon for the present & hopefully, also for the next generations to come.


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