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Running Multiple Accounts simultaneously using Parallel Space App

There are lots of reasons for having multiple accounts and accessing them at the same time. Accessing multiple accounts into PC is not a difficult task, you can use two different browsers at the same time or use incognito mode of the same browser. But when it comes to Smartphones, accessing two or more accounts at the same time becomes little bit difficult.

Run Multiple accounts using Parallel Space App

You might be thinking that why you can't use two different browsers in your smartphone for accessing two different accounts at the same time but you might already know about the mobile versions of the sites they are not too handy and interacted as compare to the mobile apps or web version. You need to put efforts while accessing the mobile versions of the websites into your Smartphone. Read also : How to Download Cinema Box App

So, here is the solution to your problem and that is Parallel space. Parallel space is an application that permit you to manage multiple account of any app simultaneously on a single device. Parallel space allows you to create dual account of any app.

Features :

  • Peculiar  - It permits you to run multiple account simultaneously on a single device based on its peculiar container technology
  • Powerful yet miniature - Size of application is as tiny as 2MB
  • Various applications It supports various messenger apps , social apps and gaming apps
  • Stable – It is a powerful and stable app that is easy to use
  • There is a storage manager to manage app data
  • There is a separate task manager to manage apps running in parallel space

Parallel space App for Android :

Parallel Space App is currently available only for Android Devices, You can directly download this application from Google's Play store or any other app store like Getjar or Apk4fun etc. It is freely available everywhere.

Parallel Space App for Android

Parallel Space App for iOS : 

iOS users have to wait for few days to download Parallel Space into their iDevices. iOS app for Parallel Space is not yet announced.

Parallel Space for PC:

Parallel space is not officially available for iOS and Windows Smartphones or Desktops but you can use Parallel space in for Windows 8/10/8.1/7/XP/vista 32 bit,64 bit and Mac OS using any Android emulator like Bluestacks or Andy etc. Read Also : Ultimate trick to get unlimited friend request on Facebook

How to use Parallel Space App

  • Open this app and tap on ‘+’ sign. 
  • You will be prompted to add android app, select the apps from the list you want to have dual accounts on a single device. 
  • Tap on the app icon in the screen to install your second account using Parallel Space. 
  • By completing the verification process and all the installation steps your second account is ready for use. 

Parallel space app

About Developer: 

This app is developed by LBE Tech from Hong Kong. LBE developers have developed this app.

Version History: 

There are so many upgrades of Parallel space and each update comes with some bug fixes and new features as well, Below are the versions history of Parallel Space with features added to that update:
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1. Parallel Space Version- 1.0.1963
  • It is supported by android 4.0 and higher versions. It was the first version of Parallel Space. It contained the above basic features. 

2. Parallel Space Version- 1.0.2002 
  • This version contained the following updates: 
    • “Facebook+” and “Instagram+” icon on all apps drawer were removed
    • Problems with WhatsApp (can’t change profile photo, chat wallpaper,etc) were solved.
    • Supports 64bit Google Play Services (no more “Google Play Service missing” prompt messages on recent phones)
    • Problem of battery drain was solved
    • Limited access support for Android devices like Asus Zenfone series etc. based on Intel

3. Parallel Space Version- 1.0.2033 
  • This version contained the following updates: 
    • Battery drain problem was solved
    • WhatsApp that can’t send location messages issue was fixed
    • Fixes related to jumping over wrong pages while click on any chortcut
    • A problem regarding Request permission Dialog box in Android 6.0 got fixed
    • Crash issues with Alipay, QQ mail, Renren, Clash of Clans chinese version on certain Android phones were fixed 

4. Parallel Space Version- 1.0.2036 
  • This version came up with the following updates: 
    • Fixed the crash of LINE app

5. Parallel Space Version- 1.0.2054 
  • This version carried the below updates: 
    • French and Portuguese were supported
    • Fixed some issues to make process more steady 

6. Parallel Space Version- 1.0.3116 
  • The updates of this version are as follows: 
    • New Task Manager to manage apps running in Parallel Space
    • New Storage Manager to manage app data in Parallel Space
    • Some of the crash issues with Google Play Services and Facebook were solved
    • WhatsApp crashes after running for some time on certain Samsung phones problem was solved
    • Compatibility and stability were improved. 

7. Parallel Space Version- 1.0.3122 
  • Following are the updates of this version: 
    • Apps don't work after updated to version 1.0.3116 for phone model 64bit bug was fixed in urgency 

8. Parallel Space Version- 1.0.3125 
  • This version had the following updates: 
    • Sony Z5 / Z5C Marshmallow firmware are now supported
    • Several crash issues with Facebook and Messenger were fixed
    • A crash issue with Google Play Services Backup Agent for Android 4.0 to 4.3 was fixed
    • Fixed a problem which causes app data loss within Parallel Space. 

9. Parallel Space Version- 1.0.3237 
  • Updates of this version are as follows: 
    • Several crash issues were fixed
    • You can share Parallel Space with friends
    • Whatsapp issue while changing profile picture was fixed 

10. Parallel Space Version- 2.0.3866 
  • This version came with following updates: 
    • Some of crash issues were fixed 
    • Optimize some descriptions of several languages 

11. Version- 2.1.4589
  • This is the latest version of this app and its updates are same as the features added below: 
    • You can now set a password for Parallel Space to protect privacy. 
    • Notification Manager has been added to allow or block notifications of apps that installed in this app. 
    • Notifications can be presented at a single time 
    • Incognito Installation in Parallel Space was optimized that allows installation only in parallel space. 
    • WhatsApp crashes got fixed while receiving messages. 

Parallel Space Pros and Cons

  • User can switch between multiple accounts. 
  • User can hide second account. 
  • Allows user to install apps from parallel space instead of downloading from playstore. 

  • Battery of phone is draining faster. 
  • Consumption of more memory. 

Parallel Space is a very useful app as it permits to create multiple account on a single device. It is compatible with 90% of playstore apps. No need to purchase two devices for using multiple account.


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