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SHAREit A Data Sharing app for Android, iOS and Windows using Wi-Fi direct

In the modern world almost everyone has their own smartphone with lots of music, videos, images etc. stored in them. But when it comes to sharing these files among these devices then ether we had to use either data cables or Bluetooth but all these are very slower. You might be thinking that why we can't use Wi-Fi direct  for sharing, Wi-Fi direct was built for faster transmission of files but it's platform dependent and many smartphone devices don't support Wi-Fi direct.

Shareit App: send any kind of files to any type of device

I've a superb solution for all these problems and the solution eliminates the usages of data cables or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct etc. Yes I'm talking about the SHAREit App developed by Lenovo. Lenovo's SHAREit is the file sharing app and available for almost all the popular platforms. Read Also: Free Download Youtube Videos

Now transfer your files with a super fast speed with SHAREit

It is best of all apps used for transferring files through Wi-Fi without internet connection. It allows you to send media files like images; music files; videos and docs with super fast speed. Any type of files can be transferred through SHAREiT within few seconds and there is no file size limit which means you can share files having size in Bytes or in Gigabytes too.

Shareit app: Send and Receive files

SHAREiT Features

Compatible for Lower versions too :
  • SHAREit is designed to work on all the Android Versions whatever it be the minimum v2.3 or the Android Nutella.

Eliminates the need of data cable :
  • SHAREit eliminates the usage of data cables as you can share files between your SMartphone and your PC or Laptops using wireless mediums.

No Size Limits :
  • Using SHAREit you are allowed to share any type and any size of file, you can even share folders or directories using SHAREIt. Read Also: Android Root

Group Sharing :
  • It's possible to share file in groups upto 5 devices simultaneously using SHAREit. It would save your time and efforts rather than send files to solely.

Self Sharing : 
  • You can even share SHAREit app itself through SHAREit.

Rapid Transfer Rate : 
  • This app allows you to share files at very high transmission rate across the devices. Lenovo claimed than SHAREit is 40 times faster than the Bluetooth.

Automatic Detection : 
  • Just like Bluetooth devices using SHAREit can automatically detect each other if they are in range.

Support Cross-platform Transmission : 
  • You are allowed to share between devices having different platforms like sharing between Android and iOS or Between Windows and Android etc.

No Internet Requirement : 
  • This app does not require any internet connection for sharing and it is free to use. Read Also: Corsair Lapdog

Authorized receiving : 
  • The receiver is authorized to accept or cancel requested files. You can add devices into trust list or you can turn off this feature and that will make each devices into trusted ones.

Light Wright App size:

  • SHAREit app is a very light weighted app designed considering the proper transmission and user interface.

Resend Failed Transmission :
  • The user are allowed to start the failed transmission from where they left, i.e. no need to start from the beginning if the transmission failed or connection lost.

Available free of cost :
  • Lenovo's SHAREit is freely available on the Google's play store and their official website.


While designing SHAREit application, User Interface & Navigation were also considered as an important factor. SHAREit is designed to work accurately into every devices so the only requirement is the device must have working WI-FI and Wi-FI direct feature.

How SHAREiT works?

Steps for Sending

  • Open the App and Tap on ‘Send’ Button.
  • Now choose that files you want to share. Once you selected the files tap on ‘Next’ Button.
  • App search for the nearby SHAREit devices.
  • Choose that device (to whom you want to share).
  • Sharing starts and tap on finish after completion.

Steps for Receiving

  • Open the App and Tap on ‘Receive’ Button.

Note: While receiving in iOS or Windows Smart phones, Sender must have to enable ‘transfer to iOS’ option and receiver have to enable their Smartphone’s Wi-Fi and connect to network ranged by sender’s device.

SHAREit made to receive any size or any kind of files into any type of devices. User Interface and sharing rate was considered as the only factor. It eliminates the usage of any other kind of tool previously used for sharing data and files. ShareIt resolved the platform dependency and sending files in a group saves much of your time.


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