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Things to know about Li-Fi technology | Li-Fi vs Wi-Fi | Advantages and Disadvantages

You might have seen LED light bulbs, they enlightens your office and house with less power consumption than CFL and other lighting items. In the same way Li-Fi is similar to the LED light bulbs but used for data transmission at a very high rate. Lets know more about 'What is LI-FI?', features and drawbacks over Wi-Fi.

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What is Li-Fi ?

Li-Fi is an acronym for Light-Fidelity given by Mr. Harald Haas. It’s a high speed light based bidirectional communication technology similar to Wi-Fi. In this technology data is transferred at high rates through the visible light area of electromagnetic spectrum.

Features of Li-Fi Technology:

Li-Fi gives features over various things than the previous technologies like more capacity, very safe, energy efficient and lesser hardware required than Wi-FI. Let’s study them in details

Energy Efficiency:

Li-FI requires very less components to work on rather than Radio Technology. We already knew that LED illumination consumes very less power and data transmission takes negotiable additional Power.


The Light Spectrum is 10,000 times more than the Radio Frequency Spectrum and it’s unlicensed and totally free to use. RF causes interference as it has tendency to spread out, but LF can be well contained in a very tight illumination and can achieve 1000 times more data density. Due to low interference and high bandwidth a very high transmission rate can be achieved. Good signal strength can be seen out with a proper lighting infrastructure.


Life on earth is made possible only after the exposure of light. There are no health or safety issues regarding using Li-FI. The usage of Radio frequency might be hazardous when interfered with

Other Advantages of Li-Fi :

  • Data transmission is very difficult in Watery environment but Li-Fi works very well in the same. 
  • Fully wireless communication 
  • Very High transmission rate up to 10 Gigabits per second 
  • Bidirectional Communication 

Limitations and Disadvantages of Li-fi

  • Light can't be passed from the walls or solid objects so it would not work in the non-lighted areas 
  • It's still unclear that how it would deal with the sunlight 
  • No standards given for Li-Fi, equipment from one vendor would work with another's 

There are some issue into this Li-Fi technology but once they get resolved then Li-Fi technology would change the current transmission technologies and help a lot to the human world.


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