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This New Year Get Back in Proper Shape with these 8 Apps and Gadgets

Last New Year's top 2 resolutions were to lose enough weight to stay fit and to get back in proper shape. Millions of people pledged to get back healthy again - this year you can follow the same resolution with more interesting and managed way. At the starting of each year gyms are mostly filled with the revolutioners, who are trying to sweat away as much as hey can but by the end of March most of them fallen away.

New year healthy resolution

Is there something that doesn't quite working ?? Most of the people don't even know how to get in proper shape, And major don't follow their regular diets and plans. Without time consuming personal classes and major expanses people are stuck to figure out their problems themselves. Instructors and Researches can only provide a starting point or a base line, but sticking to your plans in a discipline manner is much more harder than it sounds.

There are lots of apps to track your daily progress and plan new routines accordingly and provides feedback though. the right apps and gadgets can make you live fit with optimized efforts. But be remembered these are just small apps and tools, its up to you that at the end of the day you need to get moving, eat fresh and healthy and stuck to your commitment for a better and healthier lifestyle.
Below I have listed some wearable and apps that surely will help you living a better lifestyle.



One of the best and the simplest to use app. It does requires only one thing and that is Keep Running. MapMyRun app with a good pair of sneakers and armed with a Smartphone can turn you into super smart Jogger without investing into any advanced trackers or wearable in no time. This app uses your device's builtin GPS to estimate the distance and the duration and approximate calories burned and that's all a beginner needs for a good kick-off start.

By using its Advanced features you can also track your running speed and pace and the route covered by a run and can be displayed on a map layout. And to make it more interesting users can connect on social media and share their routines and stats to compete with other revolutioners. To let its users know where they actually stand, MapMyRun compares their daily stats with the average of their community stats.

MapMyRun is available for Android and iOS for free [With-In App Purchases]


An all in one personal trainer with no extra equipment required. Its main focus is convenience, fitting personally designed workout schedules no matter where they are and what they are doing. FreeLetics app asks few simple questions to its users and then provide a training plan ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. The exercises in the training plan only requires few empty space, in most of the cases the app claims that the user only require 2*2 meter space to get their sweat on.

Individual coaching packages are also available via in-app purchases other than simple and basic workout, providing a higher level of insight and individualization into training process for a kick start motivation.

Freeletics app is available for Android and iOS and coaching packages are available for $3 for a week and $40 for 3 months.


It basically focuses on seven workout styles :- 
  • Treadmill Running
  • Outdoor Running
  • Elliptical Training
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Strength Training
  • Race Training

Aaptiv provides audio only classes led by the famous nationally recognized trainers directly to its users. All workout routines are paired with music playlist especially curated by its trainer. Users can listen to the directions allowing music tempo to push them forward. Each month on Apptiv repository, over 150 classes are added. To set the whole year motivated there are monthly challenges with targeted goals. And their special features especially for runners includes plans to prepare for 5 thousand races all the way up-to marathons.

Apptiv app is available for iOS and Android platform and you can subscribe the unlimited access to their classes for just $10/month.


Moov Now

There are lots of wearable focusing only on step counting rather focusing on basic pedometer. But the Moov Now is beneficial of those in functionality as well as price. Any Pedometer style gadget will help you know where you are training at but the Moov Now will help you determine where you should need to go for proper training.

Rather than tracking the step logs Moov Now tracks the motions associated with a proper range of fitness activities like Swimming, Running, Boxing, General Training and Cycling are supported. With the help of Moov App, users can get real time audio feedback and the app works as a personal coach.

Moov App is available for Android and iOS devices and the Moov Now Wearable is available for $60. You can try these best fitness trackers

Garmin vívoactive HR

The Garmin vívoactive GPS smartwatch is a real standalone wearable, cutting the famous Bluetooth line from a paired cell phone (despite the fact that there are additional elements accessible through associated application). It has worked in GPS-empowered games applications with specific components for normally followed exercises like running, biking, swimming and others that are less basic, such as skiing and golf. Alongside its standalone usefulness, the vívoactive gives clients another prominent element for wrist wearable: a capacity to gauge heart rate. By and large, exercisers are adhered utilizing mid-section straps to track their ticker. It's not by any means the only smartwatch with the ability (Fitbit's Charge 2 gloats tantamount tech), yet paring it with the Smartphone free usefulness makes the vívoactive a champ.

At the point when people do associate with a telephone to utilize the application, they get the greater part of the elements that ordinarily join a smartwatch: push warnings, message and call cautions and then some, alongside individualized preparing signs and guiding tips anticipated from a wellness centered gadget.

Garmin vívoactive App is available for Android and iOS devices and Garmin vívoactive Smartwatch is available for $200.

Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds

Forget AirPods — Jabra's Elite Sport headphones evacuate the wires and include fit-following wearable elements. As a pair of remote headphones, the Elite Sport offers all that you'd expect: excellent sound and clamor cancelation from two receivers in every bud, alongside without hands calling. Clients can control essential music capacities utilizing worked in catches on every ear bud. Like most different earphones intended for workouts, they're waterproof and sweat-safe. 

The buds likewise contain two sensors: a movement following and tallying sensor for essential wellness capacities and a clinical-review, in-ear heart screen. The data arranged by those sensors is then nourished to the Sport Life sidekick application, which can give preparing measurements and in-ear training for an assortment of exercises.

Jabra Elite Sport app is available fro Android and iOS, Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds is available for $250.

Smart Training Clothes


Hexoskin takes the wellness following elements of different wearables, joins them with an entire cluster of other wellbeing measurements and meshes it all together into the texture of a skintight preparing shirt. 

Utilizing an auxiliary movement sensor (found in the picture above), the Hexoskin framework numbers steps and measures movement power, crest increasing speed, rhythm and rest positions. Its cardiovascular and breathing sensors, which are incorporated with the shirt, make it a significantly more adjusted tracker to a scope of measures like heart rate, HRV, heart rate recuperation, ECG and breathing rate.

Hexoskin's applications give clients comparative capacities to wellness exercises as different wearables, however it's Connected Health Platform truly exploits the more propelled measurements. The framework is utilized as a part of the exploration of restorative experts over a scope of fields like cardiology and neurology, which rely on upon the propelled information examination programming for long haul understanding observing. Typical resolutioners won't not require that much data in the short term, however over the long haul it can give an inside and out investigate the inner frameworks that make them tick.

Hexoskin price starting at $169, Hexoskin Apps available for iOS and Android devices. You can try these best weighted vest.


A clothing design smartly to bring out the highest possible performance level of its wearer. A full body system available with leggings and Shirts. A core sensor located on the thigh and the sternum and feed by the other sensors integrated into the fabrics.

The sensors embedded into the fabrics not only track the general motion but also individual movements and also tracks the exertions of the major parts of the body. It provides real time bio-metric feed to its connected mobile app. The real time feedback provide guidance to adjust training techniques to bring the most out in proper manner.

Athos price starting at $348. Athos App is available only for iOS only


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