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Things to know about shopping online with safety

No doubt shopping is not much easy and exiting as it seems, visit from store to store, number of trials, large time consumption and most important bargaining for reasonable pricing. But online shopping, serves a wide range from cloths and accessories to furniture and hand looms to kitchen appliances to grocery and many more on just a click far, ease our shopping efforts within our budget.

Safety Tips for Online Shopping

Mind-boggling selection, pretty e-trial to every product, secure shopping, fast shipping, reasonable prices and easy returns makes the shopping experience more convenient and fast. Also the deal and discounts they offer magnetize the user towards itself. But any thing, connected to internet, need to be protected, especially during heavy use. So, the scammers and cyber criminals can target shoppers as well. So, here are some safety directives, that you need to keep in your mind while shopping online:

Selection of website:

Things to know about shopping online with safety

You must verify the authenticity of the website you chosen for your shopping. However, the sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal are well known in the field and also offers heavy discounts. But still, scammers are also here fraudulently. Also, you must refer for some ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ instead of any ‘.in’ site. Beware of sites which display some pop-up window on your computer screen, as such kind of sites are made to steal your credit card details. So assure it before you make the payment. Read Also: Sugar Crush for PC

Look for icon lock:

Icon Lock with Url

Icon of closed lock represents the authenticity of sites and click on it ensures the security certification. Usually, in many sites this icon is found next to the URL bar. This step seems mandatory, after the payment through credit card. Read Also: Rooting Guide for Android

Safety on information sharing:

control on information sharing

In case, you feel that the online shopping site is chasing your information, more than the other sites, then you must hold over before payment. It may blow you with some trouble wind and may also reveal your important information to some crime mind. Read Also: Boost your Android Performance

Beware of e-mails:

Stay away from Fraud Emails

Generally, you may get a number of emails from several online shopping site serving offers and discounts. In such case, you must ensure the authenticity of e-mail either by calling or via e-mail. You can also check the SSL certificate and lock icon for the same. Read Also: Totally Free things on Internet You should take advantage of

Use strong password:

Online Safety with Strong Password

Creating a strong password on your online shopping account will guard you from hacking. As hacking, on guessing your password of your online shopping account may reveal your important information regarding your shopping history as well as running one. Also the data of the sort of your payment may reveal. Read Also: Hide any app in Android

Get secured code enabled:

enable ask for OTP

Assure your every transaction is authorized by making the purchase via a debit or a credit card and sign in through the verified by VISA/Master secured code program(s). Some banks like ICICI are providing the double security system that ask for CVV as well as password/OTP (one time password delivered to your registered mobile number) for safe transactions. Ask your bank, to enables you for the same. Read Also : How to check Android is rooted or not

Beware of gift cards:

Another way used by scammers to phish out your credit card details, is magnetizing the user by gift cards. Scammers may use this trick to trap you and you will realize it after buying these, they have either nominal or no credit on them but may also reveal you identity.

Regular updation of Anti-malware software:

No matter, you are using shopping online or not, but ensure that the latest version of anti-virus, anti-spyware or anti-Trojan programs are installed in your devices to keep your data protected from the hackers. Regular updation of such anti-malware is necessary. For the same, Norton and Kaspersky are good for paid ones and AVG’s website is famous for the free versions. 


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